Monday, October 1, 2012

di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. Part 2

The need for extra sets

More fun with di:stage Basic Set Black ver. after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

With Revoltech Yamaguchi Arbalest.

Since the cover skin conceals all the slots on the base, the display stand cannot be used with it unfortunately. ^^;

The 10cm x 10cm base is enough to hold all four figures from Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set. ^^

Cover skins from Figma releases, including these two from Kamen Rider Axe and Kamen Rider Thrust can of course be used with the base.

The cover skins are cut out from the backdrops.

Unlike the one included with the display base, the Figma cover skins have the figures' name and series printed on one of the side panels. Trimming away the outermost edges and have the binders hold the cover as shown in the previous posting isn't exactly that great here as they would cover up the special text and patterns.

Figma Kamen Rider Thrust on di:Stage display base with his customized cover skin.
Using paper tape beneath the cover to secure the edges is the easiest way to have the panels properly "tied" together, but I'm a bit too lazy to do that now. ^^;

Kamen Rider Axe on di:Stage display base with his customized cover skin.

Another option part for the base, the clear connector is meant to conjoin bases on any of the four sides.

Another binder, different from the four introduced in the previous posting is meant to be used together with the clear connector shown above.

Called "wall joint" (ウォールジョイント) on the part list, the aforementioned special binder allows a second base to be connected vertically to the first one.
Much like the clear connector, this wall joint is not useful if you only have one di:Stage Basic set. ^^;

Display stand and accessories for the base.

Pretty much a Figma stand added with a pair of grippers, the stand's angle of display can be adjusted freely and easily.

The grippers can be detached from the stand.

Five clip stands to hold talk bubbles or any custom label and a large clip to be used with the display stand.

Three of the stands have hinge joints that allow the clip's display angle to be adjusted.

All five stands mount to the base via the smaller 3mm slots.

Three of the shortest stands are as tall as the base itself, except one of them has is movable.

Rear view of the clip stand-attached display base.

Using the talk bubbles cut out from the box's flaps as shown in the previous posting. ^^

Attaching the large clip to the display stand.

The stand still works the same, except now it's not for holding any figure, but talk bubble or label. ^^

Using the stand's adjustable height, the large clip is suitable for talk bubble or label to be displayed high up above the base. ^^

Two adapters that allow the display stand or clip stands to swap between designated slot size on the base.

This picture pretty much sums up the adapters' function really. ^^

Using the adapters, the clip stand can now pegs onto the base via the smaller 3mm slot; while the display stand now fits into the 4mm slot.

Four pins to secure the cover skin to the top of the base.
The pins would be mighty important for thinner cover or if it's a vertical backdrop placed on an expanded di:Stage base, but you'll need to make holes on the covers yourself in order to use the pins. That's something I'm not too fond of myself. ^^;

A "summary" of how all the parts included in this Basic set work on the display base. ^^

Mentioned about it a couple of times in the previous posting, here a quick comparison between di:Stage base with Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Comparison between the bases.

Not only is it bigger, di:Stage base is much heavier than Soul Stage Act 3's base as well.

Soul Stage Act 3's display stand is slightly longer that its di:Stage counterpart, but the latter has one more movable joint.

You might be thinking about this as well, but no (disappointingly so), Soul Stage Act 3's display stand isn't compatible with the 4mm slot on di:Stage base. ^^;

Before moving on to include another di:Stage Basic Set to show you its expansion gimmick, some nice fun with the clip stands and old collectibles coming up next. ^^

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