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di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. Part 5 [Final]

Empty talk bubbles are useful too

Another photo galore featuring various collectibles reviewed on this blog in the past with di:Stage Basic Set Black ver. ^^

Garo Kiwami Damashii Dan.

For its size, one base is already enough for Robot Damashii [Side MS] Geara Zulu. ^^

Long time no see Figma Miyuki Winter Fuku Ver. ^^

Empty talk bubble cutouts aren't entirely useless. The content can be added later using photo editing software so the cutouts can be reused over and over again. ^^
Miyuki is here to show you how it's done. ^^

Like this. ^^

Nobody wants to know what's on Sci-fi Revoltech Woody's mind I suppose. ^^;

By the way, due to his height, I had to hold the display stand with my hand to position the thought bubble above Woody's head. ^^;

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam.

Still the best duel combination in my collection: Revoltech Sengoku Basara Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura. ^^

In case you don't speak Yautja, Sci-fi Revoltech Predator's line there is, "time to die." ^^

The special Yautja font face can be downloaded from Fonts2u. ^^

Much like Transformer Prime's Deluxe Class Starscream shown in Part 2, I had been wanting to include that line from Tsuruya-san as seen in the anime series for her Nendoroid figure since trying out her school uniform part-swapping gimmick the first time way back when. ^^

Figma Kamen Rider Thrust with the rather comical effect text. XD

Of course, printouts need not be on paper all the time. This "Darkness Moon Break" effect pattern for S.I.C Kamen Rider Kiva is printed on a clear sheet.

Rider Kick!
The effect seems so much nicer as compared to a "plain" kick pose. ^^

From all the previous postings in this review series, you can tell how much fun I had with di:Stage Basic Set Black ver. ^^ There's certainly no doubt about its playability. The multi-joint stand is capable of supporting the items on display with ease and can be adjusted just as easily. The clip stands add a lot of fun to the overall display by allowing customized lines of speech or any text messages to be shown alongside the items on the base. The limitless room for creativity there is already a huge attraction of di:Stage Basic Set.

And there's the expansion gimmick, which is the entire series' greatest strength in my opinion. The ability of the base to be expanded in all direction as long as you can get more bases is amazing. The more bases you have, the more forms they can be assembled into. An entire diorama can be created just by using the the bases and option parts I think. ^^ That certainly is achievable given its inexpensive price as mentioned in Part 1.

As long as you can get them that is. ^^; Many of the places I go to to get my hobby items have di:Stage Basic Set on sold out notice, and there's no news on when it's coming back. ^^; It really seems odd to me that while Max Factory is always busy announcing and rolling out new Figma releases every month, the company never replenishes the supplies of the di:Stage line. ^^; The link between the two product series is somewhat broken there it seems. ^^;

Also, it's kind of interesting how this di:Stage series seems to be focusing on the versatility of the base by giving it plenty of expansion capability and clip stand playability, while the Soul Stage series from Tamashii Nation seems to emphasize more on the stand by giving it separable segments allowing users to prolong or shorten it for display options (starting with Act 2), not to mention different types of gripper to fit different figures as well. Both of them have their own merits. It's a shame that they aren't compatible with one another, even though that's hardly a surprise at all. ^^;

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