Saturday, October 20, 2012

Keropla God Keron Part 17

The moment when stickers are most welcomed

Continuing the work on Keropla God Keron's Dororo Mk-II after restarting the project in the previous posting. ^^

While they look more like the shoulder joints (based on other Gundam kits), they are actually for the hips. ^^
Two fixed hydraulic pipes on the parts locked on for my usual gold and silver treatment. XD

The parts are painted gold and silver using normal pens of those two metallic colors.

Supposedly very large side skirt armors that would end up becoming God Keron's left foot, these two parts need plenty of paint work for the intended colors to realized. ^^;

The main colors needed by the two parts would be (1) white for the middle area and (2) gray for the sole.

The edges of the two major targeted areas are panel lined first to identify the paint border.

The middle section of the side skirt armors/top of the feet is painted white using White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby. A few layers of that are applied to ensure that the parts' base color is covered up well. ^^
Like the work on Keroro Robo Mk-II's wings, Mr. Color No. 1 White Gloss is added to give the painted area a glossy appearance.

As a result of the multiple layers of white paint applied onto the parts, spilling the paint on tight corners and places around the middle section is unavoidable. ^^; There's no other way to get rid of the excessive paint other than scratching it off with a knife. ^^;

Apart from knife, sharpened toothpick is also used to clean the parts. Some minor excessive paint located close enough to the painted area will depend on reapplied panel lines to cover it up.

(Left) The small protruding red shurikens on the ankle joint are painted using Gundam Marker Red.
(Right) The large flat sole area is painted using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

(Left) The area around the red shurikens is painted black using normal panel liner.
(Right) Panel lines are added to the sole area when the gray paint has dried.

Test fitting the painted parts to see how the completed left foot of God Keron would look like when assembled. ^^

Separate gray parts are included to form the interior of the side skirt armors/left foot, but the surrounding area inside the blue parts must be painted gray in order to show color cohesiveness in the entire component.

The parts' interior are painted using Gaia Color 074 Neutral Gray IV.

(Left) Line details on the gray parts are panel lined.
(Right) Checking on how the separate gray parts and painted interior would look like when assembled.

While I do like large model kit parts, the white paint work for the middle section of the side skirt armors/top of the feet is quite a troublesome task. ^^; Painting white on blue is hard enough, the narrow "valley" for the paint to apply is even more annoying. There's no way to maneuver my paint brush in that area "safe" enough not to touch on the surrounding area more than what I'm trying to avoid and cause myself more clean-up work to do after the paint work. ^^; Since the targeted area is quite flat in design, I won't mind if the parts come with large stickers to realize the missing color. I would most gladly just use the stickers to avoid going through all the trouble painting the parts as shown earlier on. ^^

Done with troublesome large parts, it's time to deal with troublesome little parts next. ^^;

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