Tuesday, October 2, 2012

di:stage Basic Set Black Ver. Part 3

Let's get this party started!

All of di:stage Basic Set Black ver.'s parts and gimmicks as a single set were mentioned in the previous two posting, with the introduction focusing on the base, and Part 2 on the accessories. Then again, they seemed more "theoretical" in nature (^^), since there weren't many action figures that came out to show off how all the parts actually work. ^^; This posting will focus on that missing application of the display base set's versatility. ^^

First and foremost, those empty talk bubble cutouts provided by the display base set are not useful at all, unless I actually write some messages on them, which would permanently ruin the pieces no doubt. ^^; Since I'm going to have my own talk bubbles and labels, I might as well design some which are applicable to the collectibles I have. ^^ That's not very difficult at all since software like Adobe Photoshop has tons of preset shapes you can use to create talk bubbles. ^^

Comic effect text copied from various sources. ^^

The initial printout of the talk bubbles and labels is excessively huge for the display stand, so I had to resize all the shapes and reprint. ^^;

The second printout saw all the items' size shrunk to an acceptable level to be displayed on the base and stand. ^^ All of them are still pretty large actually. ^^;

More printouts. ^^

A pool of talk bubbles and labels.

Time to send everything into action. ^^

Revoltech Protect Gear the Red Spectacles.

Transformers Prime's Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee.

Figma Haruhi School Summer Fuku Ver. with one of her character-defining scenes from the anime series. XD

Transformers Prime's Deluxe Class Starscream in jet mode.

Transformers Prime's Deluxe Class Starscream in robot mode.

I've been thinking about putting in that line of speech ever since I managed to pose him in such a weaselly manner, especially with that smirk supporting the pose. ^^

Figma Kamen Rider Axe.

Garo Kiwami Damashii Garo.

Revoltech Yotsuba.

That's certainly one way to promote my own blog XD

Instead of really showcasing the display base's gimmicks, this posting seems more like an excuse for a gathering of various figures featured in previous review series. ^^

One set is good enough, but since I've got two, the second set would be perfect to show how the base can be expanded. The next posting will focus on that. ^^

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