Monday, October 15, 2012

S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form Part 2

Those eyes...

More images of S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form after the introduction in the previous posting.

Closeups on the details:







Honestly speaking, I got a shock when I first received this figure. ^^; Even without removing it from its package, it was unmistakable that his goggles are just two patches of red painted in front of the head instead of been separated parts. While they aren't bad per se, the "fakeness" in the look is hard to swallow at first. Out of sheer disbelief that this simplistic paint job was the actual treatment given to the googles, I checked the official website, other hobby sites and Japanese reviews to make sure that I didn't get a fake version of the figure, as if the official Bandai seal wasn't convincing enough. XD

They are what they are, I accept that. And like I said, the paint work is not bad at all. The accuracy of the paint work makes them look like they were been printed onto the face instead of painted. I'm too used to seeing Kamen Rider goggles having compound eye effect mimicking that on an insect, so when suddenly this Kamen Rider who seems to be wearing a pair of red sunglasses (XD) appeared, there was a sense of unfamiliarity that must be tackled. ^^; I accept them for what they are now, but it would be great if they were made as separate parts on the head. ^^ That would make the overall aesthetic of the helmet much better I believe.

Despite that little surprise, the level of details sculptured onto the figure is amazing. As his card suit is Spades, there are tons of that all over the figure, some which are so small and subtle you might just miss them at first glance: there's one engraved right behind his horn, two on the sideburns, one of each armband and thigh harness, one on each side of the ankle guards and one on the belt behind the body. They are small, but unmistakable, and they really add to the level of details incorporated into this small figure. Its overall paint application are detailing are already very impressive, but it's really those tiny details that give you the "Wow" effect. ^^ I'm pretty sure the first Kamen Rider Blade was designed with all these details as well, since the main figure is pretty much the same.

I also like the clear red plastic used for the wings. The color is very eye-catching, which really helps to amplify the uniqueness of the entire part on the figure itself. On another note about the material used for the figure, all the parts are very tough, including the wings. I believe the parts would break first before their shape is altered when you try to bend them, and even that is not easy at all. ^^ I really wonder what sort of rigid material that was used to produce the figure. ^^ But nonetheless, the sturdiness of the parts is going to be mighty helpful in supporting various action poses adjusted on the figure. ^^

After examining the look and details of this figure in this posting, the articulation aspect is coming up next. ^^

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