Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition Part 3

Accessories overload

To match the extensive articulation range on the figure as shown in the previous posting, Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Absolute HMO Edition's list of accessories contains way more items than most other regular releases in its series. Running though the whole list is going to be mighty fun. ^^

Miku and all her accessories.

Two types of option face parts.

A pair of sunglasses

The glasses are made of clear black parts, allowing a low level of see-through.

Just simple clip-on to attach the sunglasses to Miku's head.

A pair of shallow slots behind the front hair part are used to hold on to the sunglasses' arms when they are attached to the head.

One of Miku's most famous accessories: a pair of leeks. ^^

(Left) Very nice gradient light green painted for the leaves.
(Right) Not clearly visible in the picture, but the root of each leek has a tiny patch of very light brown paint applied, which shows a very delicate touch of paintwork on these two tiny accessories. ^^

A pair of headphones with cables bursting out from the top. ^^

Very nice design for all the cables. ^^ Each of the two set features cables with different heads, colors and angles of display. ^^
They aren't as many as compared to the character's CD cover art illustration shown in Part 1, but they are still pretty amazing to see on this figure. ^^

Like the one on the default part, the microphone is bendable.

Comparison between the two pairs of headphones.

Simple part-swapping to equip the "Full Burst" (XD) headphones onto Miku. ^^

A little loudhailer for Miku.
The light yellow paint inside its mouth is a very lovely color to look at. ^^

A pair of option sleeved hands.

The slots, which vaguely resemble a pair of hand can be used to hold the leeks or loudhailer.

The sleeved hands with leeks attached.

Comparison between the sleeved hands and the default pair on the figure.

Apart from having a pair of "hands", the option part's size is smaller. ^^

If you don't like the sleeved hands, Miku does come with two pairs of normal hand units consist of spread palms and closed hands to hold the leeks or loudhailer.

A minor inconvenience of swapping between the hand units is moving the "wristbands". ^^; It would be great if a second pair of that is included to allow all the hand units to be used right away. ^^;

The closed fist with the leeks attached.

The "wristbands" have "R" and "L" engraved behind them to match the forearms they are going to be attached to.

With the left spread palm attached to the arm.

Very cool music instrument and sound system components. ^^

Two synthesizers.

Top view of the synthesizers.

Rear view of the synthesizers.

Closeups on the black synthesizer.

Closeups on the gray synthesizer.

While they look like the same part in different colors, the side edges and buttons printed on top of the parts mark the two synthesizers' differences.

Two X-frame racks for the synthesizers.

There are two peg slots beneath each synthesizer to connect them to the racks.

Two mini synthesizers with racks ready to appear in Miku's concert. ^^

Two large electronic drums.

Closeups on the details.
Everything on the drums are fixed.

A smaller kick drum.

Even though it's smaller than the standing drums, all the details are very well painted.

Miku posing with the five musical instruments.

A very nicely painted flute is also included, but it's not meant for Miku - she doesn't have a hand unit that can hold this musical instrument. ^^;

As shown on the back of the box, the flute can be given to Kagamine Len.

To match the super posability of the figure herself, the display base included is designed to be much more versatile than most regular Nendoroid stands. ^^

(Left) The base's size is 6cm by 6cm.
(Right) Rear view of the base.

The display stand has three joints that can be adjusted to support Miku in various angles.

Since its review was released not too long ago, the display base for this version of Miku really looks like a miniaturized di:stage Basic Set. ^^

After the introduction on the figure, her articulation design and all the accessories included, Miku is ready for action in her concert. ^^

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