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HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] Part 1

Obligatory - clear red version

Since I did the Unicorn Mode not too long ago, there's no point holding back on the Destroy Mode of HGUC Unicorn Gundam I suppose. ^^

As you can see from the packaging design, just like the Unicorn Mode, this is the Asian market limited version that came with a 1/48 scale Head Display Base.

As mentioned when introducing the Unicorn Mode, this Destroy Mode would be the more popular kit between the two because of its Gundam image and unique Psycho Frame design. I myself find that to be quite true as well, ^^ but my reasons for that preference goes beyond its V-Fin and fierce-looking Psycho Frame. ^^ Given the rather weak structure of its Master Grade Ver. Ka release thanks to the transformation gimmick, I would be glad to get a model kit with much better posability to reflect the power of Unicorn Gundam as shown in the movies.

On that note, there are two upcoming Gundam action figures I can cite that emphasize their posability so much that their transformation gimmick is omitted: Robot Damashii [Side MS] Double Zeta Gundam and Aegis Gundam. Whether or not it's an acceptable tradeoff is an entirely different debate, but at least when action poses - super flexible ones are needed, those two figures can definitely do the job. ^^

With the introduction of the Real Grade series, I do believe that it's possible for a complete transformation to be implemented for Unicorn Gundam in 1/144 scale Gunpla format. The Super HCM-Pro version tried to go for this feature but didn't manage to pull it off "completely". Quite a few components here and there still require part-swapping to transform. I'm sure Bandai must have learned a lot from the release of that figure, and from various other versions that came out after it. Like many other MSs, it's perhaps just a matter of time before we get to see a Unicorn Gundam that is fully transformable.

Personally, I'm not too interested in having a 1/144 scale Unicorn Gundam with complete transformation. ^^; Despite its flaws, I'm quite happy with the Master Grade Ver. Ka release. However well the mechanism would be, the smaller 1/144 scale version would be trying to replicate the exact same transformation sequence as seen on the Master Grade version, so it's really just the same gimmick realized on a smaller-sized equivalence. ^^; There's no need to repeat the experience there I think. ^^; In terms of look and posability in 1/144 scale, the Robot Damashii [Side MS] Full Action Ver. (which I have) is the winner in my opinion, and in terms of Gunpla assembly, the two HGUC kits are quite enough already I think. ^^

Then again, I'm not going to close the book on Unicorn Gundam just yet. If it does get announced, I'll look at the information before deciding if I'm going to get a smaller scaled Gunpla of Unicorn Gundam with full transformation, which will most likely be in the Real Grade line. The transformation might be the same-old-same-old, its details and proportion design might be great, so it might be worthwhile to get. But still, everything on that is purely imaginative at this moment.

Will there ever be a RG Unicorn Gundam? Time will tell, but until then, there's the Destroy Mode in HGUC format. ^^

Introduction of the kit on the sides of box.


All runners of this kit.

The instruction manual.

A look at the runners' design:

Runner A - The same Runner A in the Unicorn Mode, with the addition of two new parts.

The two new parts: a large V-Fin and a clear red face part.

Runner B - Contains all white parts mainly for the head, body, legs and shield.

(Left) The tiny splits molded on the sideburns to show the clear red Psycho Frame part beneath the helmet are pretty impressive. ^^
(Right) Four one-piece parts for the beam sabers.

Shield parts with plenty of details on the rear side.

Runner C - Two pieces. Contains parts repeated for the two arms and legs.

(Left) Plenty of details on the top shoulder armor part that need to be taken care of.
(Right) Much like the sideburns on the helmet parts, the side skirt armor parts are molded in one-pieces with large slots on them to reveal the Psycho Frame parts to be placed on their back.

V-Fin like parts meant for the shield.

Runner D - Contains all gray parts mainly for the weapons and feet.

Plenty of details on the beam rifle's body and sole to panel line.

One-piece magazine part for the beam rifle, with hollow spots behind it. ^^;

Runner E - Psycho Frame runner.

Despite being molded in clear red, the line details molded on most of the parts are unmistakable. ^^

Polycap set PC-132AC is the exact same set used by the Unicorn Mode.

Foil sticker sheet.

All removed parts are organized and stored in individual paper containers.

Only Runner A is reused between the two kits, while runners B, C and D are different. However, the categorization of parts is actually the same. Runner B contains mainly parts for the body, legs and shield, runner C for the legs and arms and runner D for the weapons. Personally, the only major difference I see is Runner E that contains parts for the Psycho Frame, which is obviously unique to the Destroy Mode. ^^

Will start working on the detailing and paint work in the next posting. ^^

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