Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark II Part 1

Iron Man? Iron Man 2? Marvel's Avengers?

After Kotobukiya's MSG MW-28 Impact Edge, the next review series will be on the fourth Sci-fi Revoltech action figure on this blog since its appearance last year. ^^

Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark II from Jon Favreau's 2008 movie "Iron Man". ^^

Up to this point, I have three Iron Man figures from the Sci-fi Revoltech series - Mark VI, War Machine (technically not Iron Man, but putting in notes here and there to exclude it proved frustrating when I was writing this just now, so I'll just lump him in this list ^^;) and this Mark II. Despite being the latest one of the three to join my collection, I decided to review it first as it's my second favorite Iron Man suit from the movie, after War Machine. ^^ I'm considering getting Mark V which was announced early last month, and maybe Mark VII as well. So, Mark II being the prototype of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit "lineup" after Mark I seems like a good start for my very own Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man "sub-series", ^^ even though this doesn't follow the release sequence of the figures at all. ^^;

What I like about Mark II is its overall platinum paint scheme. Technically, the color actually shows the absence of any paint application on the suit, since it's just a prototype. That monotone color scheme really defines the primary characteristic of Iron Man being a full body suit made of metal armors. I like all the subsequent suit design featuring Iron Man's more iconic red and gold color scheme too, but that color scheme defines Iron Man as a superhero, or Tony Stark in his bright colored high-tech toy if you like. XD Those completed and combat-ready suits are definitely very cool, but I just the metallic feel of Mark II. It's not as flashy and outstanding as Mark III or IV, but the subtlety of its color scheme has a different charm, at least to me.

That charm is the main reason I got the much larger Hot Toys version of Mark II as well. ^^

The really cool roll-out scene of the Mark II suit in "Iron Man". ^^
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

In terms of the figures, Mark II is exactly the same as Mark III with a different color scheme (obviously) and having tons of rivets on its chest plate and a couple other armor components. Those are the exact same differences for the armor design as shown in the movie as well I believe.

Speaking of the movie, Mark II appeared in "Iron Man" and its sequel "Iron Man 2", with James Rhodes being the suit wearer in the second movie. For this action figure, the origin movie is set to the first one, which is reflected from the box label and one of the option parts included. Then again, given Mark VI, the last Iron Man suit from the second movie was actually the first in Sci-fi Revoltech's Iron Man lineup, Mark II seems like a "backtraced" release. XD There are a lot of connection between this suit design with elements outside the first movie. Surprisingly, instead of keeping the references to just the first movie, Kaiyodo decided to include all of them on the package and character introduction. So, if you're not very sure why certain labels or movie scenes not from "Iron Man" appeared on the package design, don't be. ^^ Then again, perhaps all those references are not set by Kaiyodo, but Marvel Studio who owns the Iron Man franchise.

And how could you not be able to link all the information anyway? ^^;

Much like all of Marvel Studio's superhero movies released in the last few years, everything is connected. ^^

Apart from the label showing "Iron Man", the movie Mark II first appeared in, the Avengers Assemble emblem is shown as well. ^^
Even the first movie made connection to this year's blockbuster movie "The Avengers", so the reference must be inserted as well. ^^

Standard Revoltech design style for the sides, top and bottom of the box.

Introduction of the figure on the back of the box.

A lineup of all the Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man figures that I got so far. ^^

The hard cover that allows the package to be opened like a book, which gives the box a higher collection value. ^^

Introduction of the character and movie behind the paper cover.

You can find screenshots from both "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" on the cover. ^^

The figure itself and almost all its accessories can be seen clearly through the front window.

Box open.

Box content. Everything fit on one plastic tray.

Closeups on the content.

Rear view of the plastic tray.

A mini booklet previewing upcoming Revoltech releases earlier this year.

Promotional pamphlet that contains general introduction of Revoltech and the newest Takeya sub-series.
After six years being in the action figure market, I find Kaiyodo's attempt to introduce the series from "What's Revoltech?" like it just started yesterday rather amusing. ^^;

The lineup of the Takeya sub-series.

Package content with the clear plastic cover taken off.

Closeups on the content.

A straight out-of-box Mark II.

Plastic wrappers between the forearm and its armor to be removed.

You will probably notice that unlike Woody, the last Sci-fi Revoltech figure reviewed on this blog, that the standard RevolChip included with so many Revoltech releases is not available with Mark II. That is because Kaiyodo had ended that premium since late July of 2011. Revoltech Yamaguchi Evangelion Evolution Eva Unit 3 was the last release to feature the 10-point RevolChip. For the Sci-fi Revoltech sub-series, the last release to include a Revoltech was No. 28 Sulley & Mike. ^^; The usage of RevolChip for whatever premium offered by Kaiyodo was officially terminated on July 30th that year. Now, you can probably improvise those RevolChip for your Monopoly board game, as those bright orange chips are just as worthless as all the Monopoly paper notes. XD

As usual, an introduction of all the accessories and more images of the figure coming up next. ^^


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