Sunday, November 25, 2012

HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Unicorn Mode] Part 5

Between actual splits and panel lines

Now that my quota for Transformers reviews has been filled to the brim after the double feature on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Arcee and Chromia, it's time to return to Gunpla-ing. ^^

This kit has waited long enough for its final roll-out I think. Not one month, but two years overdue I think. ^^;

I'll jump right into its final assembly then. ^^

Parts of the right arm.

It's good to see that all the hand armor parts have the same connector design. That certainly saves me a lot of time identifying from the manual which one is for which type of hand unit. ^^;

Components of the right arm, with the forearm yet to be completed.

The forearm's part separation is very smartly designed. ^^ There's obviously no transformation gimmick incorporated on this kit, but the parts are made following the splits from the unique feature of Unicorn Gundam nonetheless. ^^

The fixed armor parts permit the beam saber to be folded forward for about 90 degrees only, so there'll be no beam tonfa for the arm unfortunately. ^^;

Separable components of the right arm before the final assembly.

Done for the right arm.

Standard elbow and upper arm articulation design.

Parts of the left arm.

Separable components of the left arm before the final assembly.

The left arm is completed.

The articulation design is the same as the right arm's.

Done for both arms.

Parts of the right leg.

None of the armor parts on the foot is movable, but their proportion is very accurate to Unicorn Gundam's design nonetheless. ^^

For this main polycap part to be used for the knee joint, the vertical slot in the middle is completely dismissed as only the two horizontal pegs are need for the job. You can say that it's not the perfect polycap for this joint, but nobody will really take notice or care about it anyway, since it can indeed support the knee's movement.

Small vent parts for the side armors.

Like the forearms, the leg armors' assembly is pretty amazing. ^^

A single one-piece part to form the shin guard and to complete the fixed knee armor. ^^

Separable components of the right leg before the final assembly.

Done for the right leg.

Standard articulation design for the leg I would say. The knee's movement is a bit restricted, but accurate (unfortunately so ^^;) to Unicorn Gundam's design. The security of all the joints as compared to the transformable Master Grade Ver. Ka equivalence is definitely a plus point. ^^

Parts of the left leg.

Separable components of the left leg before the final assembly.

The left left is done.

Same articulation design as the right leg's.

Will move on to the body and weapons' assembly next. ^^

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OZKai said...

The beam tonfa is still attainable by simply removing the piece and replacing it at the rotated position. It's not a great hold, but it gets the job done.