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Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Chromia Part 2

Multipurpose stand

More images of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Chromia after the introduction of her sister Arcee in the previous posting. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

The specific motorcycle model of Chromia is B-King, produced by Suzuki. While it's classified as a standard bike (or naked bike if you will ^^), its design is based on specs for racing purpose. What stood out to me while checking up on the design of this motorcycle is its crazy electronic features (for a motorcycle). ^^ B-King is said to come with its own helmet designed with heads-up display to allow the rider to read all information normally found on a regular motorcycle's dashboard inside the helmet. The owner can even activate the alarm system on the bike by remote if it's stolen. The bike's inbuilt computer can even communicate with nearly Suzuki service center for self-diagnosis.

Talk about a really smart motorcycle! ^^ It doesn't have to be designed into a Transformers character to reflect its fictitious sentience as Chromia, the actual bike in real life is tremendously cool already. ^^

The figure itself is very beautiful to look at. The engine block (which are actually two movable panels), wheel axles and chain have great molded details to look at. The clear part used for the bike's headlight adds a sense of realism to that component, which I really appreciate. ^^ As mentioned before, this bike doesn't come with a dashboard since all the information is designed into its helmet. This figure certainly stays true to that design by having no dashboard at all. ^^

Apart from its look, there's very little to do with the motorcycle actually, until the very elaborate rear motorcycle stand comes in. ^^

There are even caterpillar tracks beneath the rear stand. ^^

The motorcycle can be mounted onto the rear stand.

Chromia can be displayed to be completely off the ground using the stand.

The rear stand can be mounted onto the motorcycle as well. XD

The rear stand now forms a set of Gatling gun and cannon on the back of Chromia. ^^

The rear stand is an original design for this figure I think, since they weren't shown in the movie. Its main purpose is to support the robot mode rather than being an accessory for this bike mode. Still, I like the versatility of the component demonstrated on Chromia in bike mode and the different forms of display it gives to the motorcycle. While the entire component is fixed, its design is pretty creative in my opinion. ^^ Sadly, the creativity of the stand is going to be severely limited in robot mode, but I'll leave that till the transformation part. ^^;

Comparison between Chromia and "Transformers: Prime" Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in motorcycle mode:

Comparison with Transformers United Rodimus Prime in vehicle mode:

Moving back to Arcee in her motorcycle mode in the next posting. ^^

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