Monday, November 19, 2012

Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Chromia Part 3

The weird story of Chromia's waist

A look at "Transformers" Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Chromia's transformation sequence after the previous posting on Arcee's motorcycle mode. ^^

The rear stand needs to be removed from the bike first.

An optional step to begin the transformation: the handles are flipped around and tucked in behind the bike's head.
This will eliminate the trouble of adjusting and readjusting the handles when they collide with other movable components in subsequent steps. ^^

The seat panel is lifted.

The body panels are opened and adjusted to the front.

On the left hand side of the bike, the engine panel is swiveled forward for 90 degrees via the joint revealed from opening up the body panel in the previous step.
Amazingly, this entire left engine panel forms Chromia's right arm. ^^

More mechanical details of the engine block are now revealed.
Unbelievably, most of the parts in the middle are actually Chromia's forearm. ^^

The engine block is detached from a few tabs it's secured to on the bottom panel of the bike.

The engine block beneath the fuel tank is split in half.

The entire engine block connected to the bike's tail is swung outward on the right hand side of the bike.

The entire front portion of the bike (excluding the headlight) is loosened from its joints to the engine block.

Using the light gray connector arm behind it, the entire front panel is rotated downward for about 90 degrees.
This will form the right half of Chromia's upper body, her head and backpack.

The large ball-type joints that connect the gray connector arms to the bike's bottom frame.

Using its own connector arm, the left arm is swung to the front of the bike to match the left panel.

Stored beneath the left body panel, the head is flipped up and to the front before the body panels are reattached.

The huge left cannon arm is tilted downward at elbow level.

The engine panel forms a shield (?) for the left arm.

The engine panel is slide outward.

The disproportionately small right arm is tilted downward at shoulder level.

Unlike the one on the left forearm, the right panel is fixed. You can see the left hand is molded together with the panel.

The bike's head is rotated to the front. The handlebars are restored.

The seat panel is folded inward, followed by the rear wheel which is tilted upward. This will form Chromia's "legs" XD

The front wheel is adjusted upward to make it stand out behind Chromia's head. Fans who like the wheel to be less obvious in robot mode can choose to skip this step. ^^

The rear wheel is mounted onto the stand via the slots for the same purpose in motorcycle mode.

Transformation for Chromia is done. ^^

At least 40 percent of the motorcycle's components end up as Chromia's huge left cannon. Shockwave would be proud. XD

The rear stand is no longer an accessory for Chromia in robot mode. Without it, there's no way Chromia can stand at all. ^^;

Chromia has a very weird transformation design. ^^; Following the steps shown in the instruction sheet very closely, I was so confused during the first attempt I almost gave up on her. ^^; I did managed to figure out the structure after a while though. The simplest way to describe the overall sequence: fold the arms out from the engine block and rotate the two front segments of the bike upward to form the upper body. The rest of the steps are relatively easy. The two gray connector arms that form Chromia's "waist" (if you can call that so ^^;) are the most important parts on the entire figure in that sense. Much of my confusion during the whole sequence was because of those two connectors as well. ^^; But once I understood the basic idea of Chromia's structure, the transformation becomes very easy to execute. ^^

Then again, it's still a very weird transformation design. ^^;

The weird is going to get even weirder with her sister Arcee's transformation design, coming up next in the next posting.

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