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Transformers DOTM Voyager Class Shockwave Part 5 [Final]

Inherited benefits from the tank

The last posting on "Transformers" Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Shockwave already. ^^

A look at the articulation design and some unique features of Shockwave:

Since the head is transformed from tank mode by flipping it all the way to the front, left and right swivel for the neck joint is a given. ^^

Very wide vertical swing for the shoulder joints, which is also a direct benefit from the transformation design where the arms are bent and stored on top its body in tank mode.

The arms can swivel forward and backward very easily.

90-degree bend for the elbow joint.
180-degree bend possible for the wrist joint. The forearm even has dedicated space to hold all the claws when the hand is completely retracted.

Very nice ratchet joints that allow the hips to move freely, but are also strong enough to hold them in place. ^^

Very wide articulation range for the hips indeed. ^^

Another two direct articulation benefits inherited from the transformation design: (left) separated thigh joint, (right) near 180-degree knee bend that is way more flexible than the design on most other Transformer figures. ^^

Discarding the transformation design, the articulation features of this figure are very amazing. ^^ The lack of waist joint and wrist swivel bridges an uncanny connection between Shockwave and Transformers United Rodimus Prime, who shares the same limitations. Putting those limitations aside, whatever Rodimus can do, Shockwave can do it miles better. ^^

On the other hand, it's sort-of funny how most of Shockwave's remarkable articulation features are directly inherited from its transformation design. ^^ That so-called "inherited benefits" goes beyond the case of the weird waist joint enabled by his transformation design on "Transformers: Prime" First Edition Voyager Class Optimus Prime. For Shockwave, important joints like its shoulders and hips are all enabled by its transformation design. ^^ They are so abundance and obvious yet super practical I almost wondered if the tank's design was conceived by imagining how Shockwave would look like when he's all folded up. XD If that was the case, this figure would have to be the prime example of how articulation can coexist with transformation design and overall look of a Transformers action figure in this scale. Shockwave would be a role model for how a really good Transformers figure should be in that sense. ^^

Still, there are a few noteworthy issues with the figure, all which are concentrated on its giant cannon. ^^;

The secondary cannons aren't secured when they are retracted on the cannon. When the right forearm is bent, the cannons would appear tilted forward. ^^;

Launching the Mechtech weapon gimmick is a bit troublesome in robot mode as well: one of the secondary cannons is bound to collide with the hose. ^^;

The hose's port on the cannon can be tilted downward to solve the problem (as shown in Part 1), but the expanded hose now becomes a huge hindrance to the right arm to be positioned properly on the figure. ^^;

To address the problem, the hose can be switched onto the other port on top the main turret, but since that port is situated a bit further away from the original port, the range of movement for the right arm is now much limited. ^^;

Not much can be done for hose except:
(1) Not launching the Mechtech weapon gimmick, or
(2) Adjust a dramatic pose when the gimmick is fired so that the arm has all the room it needs to be free from the hose XD

Like this: ^^

More action poses from Shockwave: ^^

With virtually nothing in the way of the hip joints and extremely posable knee joints, kneeling is not only possible for the figure, the pose can be adjusted with ease too. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type is working very hard to sustain Shockwave's weight there. ^^;

The forearm blade can be mounted on the cannon to form a bayonet, enlarging the cannon even more. ^^

Size comparison with Transformers Prime's Deluxe Class Starscream in robot mode.
He might not be too short as compared to Shockwave, but ...

... volume wise, there's no match at all. ^^

The size difference is even more apparent in vehicle mode.

With Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee in robot mode.

I cannot commend enough on this Transformers figure really. ^^ As mentioned just a while ago, it has the right mixture of great look in either mode, simple but fun transformation sequence and super flexible articulation. That combination is usually not done as well on other Transformers figures, but Shockwave really set an example on how it's actually possible. ^^ Hopefully I'll get to see more of such great Transformers design in the future. ^^

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