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Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Chromia Part 5 [Final]

Miyuki's Mini Story No. 4

It's No. 4 because of this old posting. ^^

Anyway, this last posting for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Chromia will focus on her articulation design and action poses. ^^

Since it's part of her transformation design anyway, vertical and horizontal movements for the head is of course possible.

The clear part on the back of the head is meant to catch light for the usual Transformers eye effect I suppose, but with her eyes painted, the clear part is pretty much wasted. ^^;

Ball-type joint for the shoulder, swivel joint for the upper arm and a very restrictive hinge joint for the elbow. ^^;

The elbow's movement will trigger Chromia's "Mech Alive" feature. The connector arm will expand/retract the blue column molded with mechanical details when the elbow is moved.
I'm not very sure about the exact idea behind the design really. Maybe it's Chromia's reload mechanism for her huge blaster. ^^

Chromia's weapon gimmick: pulling the lever on top the blaster will fire a clear projectile part.

The left arm's articulation capabilities are repeated on the smaller right arm.

Just the same joint on Arcee, Chromia's wrist joint is fixed.

The "waist" (the two light gray connector arms) can be expanded/retracted.

Ball-type joint allows the bike's head to move just as freely as Chromia's head.

The "legs" (rear wheel) can be adjusted further downward ...

... to give Chromia an extended height. ^^

An alternate way of display is to have the seat folded out and covering the front portion of the wheel, which looks pretty neat as well since the seat acts like a layer of armor for the wheel. ^^

While it seems that Chromia incorporates less ball-type joints than Arcee, her articulation range isn't poor at all. ^^ As a matter of fact, I think adjusting action poses on Chromia is actually easier thanks to the lack of large obstructive armor plates on the arms, or a convoluted waist block that never seems to want to work according to your adjustments. ^^; The overall simpler design certainly reduced the need for ball-type joints for the various movable components. Still, only vertical movement via the two connector arms severely limits how much her waist can be posed. However troublesome the waist block on Arcee may be, it does give her more range of movement than Chromia.

Like Arcee shown in the previous posting, Chormia is designed with a connector that would allow her to combine with Arcee and Elita One, which is located on her back as well:

For some reason, her kick stand in motorcycle mode is "inherited" the connector. ^^; Apart from that little "appendix", the connector's design is all the same as that on Arcee.

Some action poses for Chromia: ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Apart from posing with her giant blaster, not much can be done with Chromia really. ^^; The lack of weaponry is understandable, but even if there were instead more accessories included, they would have to non-handheld based, as Chromia has only one hand, and it doesn't move at all.

Posing Chromia with the huge blaster exposes the disproportionate weight of that weapon as compared to the main body as well. ^^; It's heavy enough to pull down the entire body! ^^; On the other hand, the weapon puts a lot of stress on her ball-type left shoulder as well in order to sustain all the poses. It's an understandable weakness, but still pretty sad to see. The shoulder joint is still working well at the moment, but I don't expect the joint to remain tight forever with the huge blaster. ^^

Comparison with two other "nearby" Transformers figures: ^^

With Transformers Prime: Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee.

With Transformers United Rodimus Prime.

By "nearby" I mean they are stored on my desktop and I could grab them easily when I'm taking pictures for review. ^^ Transformers Prime: Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee is almost like an unofficial "spoke-figure" for my blog now after her review back in June this year, as she appeared in many Transformers and non-Transformers related reviews. I like to feature her in my review since since she's always on my desktop, and I just love to transform her back and forth every now and then. She's a handy and convenient figure to be featured in my reviews. ^^

Speaking of appearances by other action figure, there's one particular character most suitable to appear in Chromia's and Arcee's reviews:

Figma Takara Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver. presents Chromia. ^^

The blue skirt of this Summer Fuku Ver. and the pink Winter Fuku Ver. make Miyuki a very figure to be displayed with the sisters. ^^

Chromia in motorcycle mode is right in scale with Miyuki it seems.

Yes indeed. ^^
Miyuki's hands fit Chromia's adjustable handlebars perfectly. ^^

Oops, watch out when she transforms. XD

Still trying to get pass the weird robot mode look, I much prefer the motorcycle mode of Chromia. ^^ The surprisingly pleasant compatibility with the Figma series certainly adds a lot of points to the motorcycle mode as well. ^^

Overall, it's a pretty fun Transformers figure. Not so much on the posability part as you can see from her action poses earlier on, but the half-humanoid robot design does give Chromia an unconventional and unsymmetrical transformation sequence design. Even though I mentioned that it was a bit confusing during my first transformation attempt, the design is very interesting nonetheless. ^^

Since I like the motorcycle mode of Chromia more, I think I'll keep her in that form after this review. It certainly helps to preserve the strength of the left shoulder joint as well. ^^

Finishing up on the review for Arcee next. ^^

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