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Transformers ROTF Deluxe Class Arcee Part 5 [Final]

Upper body rock 'n' roll

The last posting for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" Deluxe Class Arcee, which marks the end of this double feature Transformers review series as well.

Some action poses from Arcee after the introduction of her articulation design two postings back. ^^

When the energy blade is retracted, the weapon can be shown as a blaster, albeit much smaller when compared to Chromia's cannon. ^^;

Come to think of it, it feels odd that Chromia's blaster, a mid-long range projectile weapon was designed to be on her longer left arm; while Arcee's energy blade, a close range melee weapon is on her shorter right arm. ^^; The weapon placement for Chromia is fine, but Arcee's design makes no sense at all. Why would the blade be on the smaller, seemingly less powerful arm when the opposite left arm is longer, bigger and better protected with all the plate armors all over it? ^^; I like the energy blade design of Arcee alright, and I like the idea of the two sisters' weapons are formed from their respective bikes' tail unit, but the practicality of its application is just as weird as the robot mode's overall look. XD

The multi-jointed waist block gives Arcee extended articulation as compared to Chromia, and its design is meant more for Arcee to be posed in various angled positions I guess, and that objective is certainly achieved on the figure if it was true, because I find it really hard to straighten Arcee's upper body. ^^; The good thing from that design feature: no additional stand is required to support the figure's extended upper body movement anymore. ^^

Comparison with Transformers Prime: Legion Class Cyberverse Arcee:

Comparison with her sister Chromia.

Despite the almost identical face design between the characters as seen on their boxes, I'm glad that isn't the case with the actual figures. ^^ Their overall design is the same, but they are definitely not repeated head parts. ^^

Figma Miyuki Winter Fuku Ver. presents Arcee: ^^

With Chromia and her "associate": Figma Miyuki Summer Fuku Ver.. XD

Arcee in motorcycle mode is in scale with Miyuki to feature her as the rider. ^^

It's going to be a mega party of bikes (female ones too ^^) after I review the first movie Arcee and Transformers: Prime "First Edition" Deluxe Class Arcee in the future. ^^ And there won't be enough Miyukis to attend it. XD

My overall comment about Arcee is going to be the same as that for Chromia. She's a very interesting "near-humanoid" Transformers figure, not necessarily good-looking, but quite fun to play with nonetheless. Also, just like Chromia, I like the motorcycle mode better as well. ^^

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