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Kotobukiya's MSG MW-28 Impact Edge Part 5 [Final]


After the previous posting, a simple swap of weapon unit allows Kotobukiya's MSG MW-28 Impact Edge to be configured to the impaling nail type. ^^

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Extension of the nail is done exactly the same as that of the blades shown in the previous posting, but here's a video clip of this weapon gimmick anyway:

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

More images of the extended nail:

Trying out the wrist blades with a few model kits and action figure:

With 1/100 Gundam Astraea.

Not shown in the previous posting, but you can see the support arms' grasping tabs in front of the wrist. With 1/100 Gundam Astraea's small wrist, accommodating the support arms with the hand on the handle isn't too troublesome.

With Figma Kamen Rider Thrust.

Just like all other releases in Kotobukiya's M.S.G. Weapon Unit series, Impact Edge has the ability to combine with other weapon sets, and that obviously include MW-20 Gatling Gun:

MW-20 Gatling Gun is the only set from the series I can use to demonstrate the combination gimmick, since it's the only other one I assembled so far.

The port near the edge of the body module can be used to connect to the peg on the side of the Gatling gun.

A very weird twin Gatling gun impaling nail combo. ^^;

Just for the fun of it, the combination obviously work. But looking at its practicality, having the nail in between two Gatling guns is even more pointless than mounting a knife to a bazooka. XD The nail can never reach its target unless it's completely ejected from the body module. ^^;

As a weapon itself, Impact Edge is actually not too bad. I love the sharp look and serrations on the blades. For this particular set that I have, I think the paint result from Gaia Metallic Color No. 020 Gun Metal and No. 9 Bright Silver looks really good. ^^ It certainly achieved the paint result I had in mind before working on the kit. ^^

However, it has some drawbacks as a weapon on its own as well. The weight issue mentioned in the previous posting is one of them. The support arms can be used to grasp onto the forearm of the model kit or action figure using the weapon, but only if the size is compatible. As shown above, 1/100 Gundam Astraea has no problem with the support arms, but Master Grade Impulse Gundam shown with the blades in the previous posting does unfortunately. ^^;

Either way, the pressure of supporting the entire weapon's weight falls directly onto the hand unit and wrist joint of the user. For that, it's more suitable for 1/100 scale model kits than smaller ones because the weight would probably be too much for the latter to handle, especially when the weapon is only meant to be wielded single-handedly. For that, it's a considerable weight to sustain even for 1/100 scale model kits. ^^; For most Master Grade Gunplas with movable fingers, the strength of their hand units in grasping weapons is entirely depending on the sturdiness of their finger joints. That's why they have slots on their palms to peg into dedicated slots on weapon handles to support them. M.S.G. Weapon Unit series wasn't created with that tab and slot feature in mind obviously. The tabs on those Master Grade kits become somewhat of an obstacle for their hand units to grasp onto the handle properly. Take Master Grade Impulse Gundam shown with the blades in the previous posting for example, it's a model kit that is holding on and posing with a rather heavy weapon unit supported by the closure of its five fingers only, and there's not even enough room beneath the weapon's body for it to rest properly on the forearm to help distribute the weight, even for just a little bit. ^^;

Not good at all. ^^;

Having a support handle would help, but the idea is almost like the Gatling gun and nail combination shown above, it doesn't really make sense at all. Why would a fast striking melee weapon have a support handle? ^^; It's a feature on MW-20 Gatling Gun that helps it to be supported so well by its users, but one that isn't possible on this weapon. It makes sense as part of the weapon's design, but the execution is rather poor I would say, since the weapon's weight is an underlying issue.

The spring loaded gimmick is a nice feature in my opinion. It fits the weapon design very well, but I don't think I can comment much more on that since it's really very basic. ^^;

Connectivity with other weapon sets is a rather poor feature on Impact Edge as well. There are very few ports on the body to connect to other weapons. The blade rack and nail need to depend on the body to realize their ejection gimmick, so their application is rather limited when separated from the body module. I can't comment much on the connectivity issue with just MW-20 Gatling Gun alone, but when Danboard was released and the application of various M.S.G. Weapon Unit sets with that kit was shown in its construction manual, I notice Impact Edge's connectivity issue again.

Images are from Dalong Dotnet.

There's no doubt Danboard can use Impact Edge, but apart from the first image featuring it as a single weapon, it looks kind-of goofy in alternate "configurations". ^^; Instead of being good weapon combo, the alternate forms look like they exist for the sake of showing that the weapon can be configured into different forms and nothing more. ^^;

In conclusion, apart from the blades' look and the simple weapon gimmick, there aren't many interesting points about Impact Edge. ^^; There are also issues with mounting the weapon to its users' hand unit, and connectivity with other weapon sets. It's not terribly terrible (^^;), just quite disappointing in the final outcome.

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