Saturday, January 2, 2010

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 11 [Final]

Fly! Nu Gundam

The last part of my review on HGUC Nu Gundam, featuring the action poses of this model mounted on Action Display Base 2.

The slot beneath the hip for the display stand.

Overall much more dynamic action poses as compared to the "ground version" yesterday.
As depicted in the movie, Nu Gundam never fought on Earth actually.

A shot from the back reveals the difference between the painted yellow parts and the original color molded for the Fin Funnel. ^^;

Various action poses with or without the Fin Funnel block are fine. ^^

Bringing on the smaller beam saber.
The deployment gimmick of the beam saber on the left forearm is completely inherited from the MG version.

Fin Funnel action with the help of Action Display Base 1.

Well, that's all for my review on this model, which is definitely one of the best HGUCs I built so far. Very loyal reproduction of many gimmicks on a smaller scale, and better body proportion as compared to the MG version as well in my opinion.

While there's a new polycap set designed for HGUC Nu Gundam (not exactly new now ^^;), I give my credit to parts without polycap as well, especially the tabs between the Fin Funnels. You can see from the photos yesterday and today that all the six parts are being held very steadily when they are mounted on the backpack. Together with the tough polycap for the hip, Nu Gundam can stand very well, despite being designed to be weighted imbalancely on the left.

The articulation is much improved from the MG version as well. Weight, size, and material used (die-cast parts for the ankle and hip) was problematic for the later, so it's very hard to move, despite being designed to be able to do so. This HGUC version on the other hand, being small in size and all that, doesn't face the same limitation.

With that said, the articulation of the model is actually not that impressive per se. ^^; The ankle is limited by the armor of the feet, and the later being molded as a single plate, doesn't permit much action on the ground as well. Also, the elbow's articulation range is just as that of the MG version - 90 degrees. I was hoping that with this release, some refined elements would be included, including better joint for the elbow and ankle for much more awesome poses, but the designer seemed to be content with the design of the MG version.

The shoulders being able to rotate upwards, and the knee joints are definitely much better than the MG version though.

There are quite a lot of details designed for the model as well, even though it's just in HGUC format. The hydraulic pipes on the knee, opposite sides of the skirt armors, and beneath the legs are all nicely molded. ^^

The one part which I don't like is the joint for the head. No polycap is installed for that location, so it's ABS grinding on ABS, which is super-duper stiff. I was always worried that my finger might slipped and break the V-Fin when I was adjusting the head for the photos. The neck is designed with very wide bending range though, suitable for the cruising pose. This is actually the same design as the MG version.

Finally, a bit of bonus from this kit: ^^

Don't discard the extra parts repeated on the runner for the Fin Funnel, and you can get a second mount rack to split the six Fin Funnels evenly on either sides of the backpack.

No kidding, this mode is actually an official design - Nu Gundam Double Fin Funnel Type from "CCA-MSV" ^^

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Chris said...

lol on the title, "Tobe! Gundam" is the name of 0079's OP.

Finally the part I wanted to see the most, where it's possible to mount the funnels on both sides.

Cass said...

Nice, so it can set the funnels on both sides.

Hmm, better than the MG, eh? Maybe I should put it down in my "to-get" list also. XP

L said...

Now it would be nice if we can get 12 fin funnels for Nu Gundam Double Funnel Type w/o spending more money on another Nu gundam. =/

Q said...

That's a nifty thing that you can use the unused parts to make up another rack for the funnels to become Double Fin Funnel Type :o

HGUC Nu Gundam does look nice. I was tempted to get the HWS one before. Well, there's always time for me to reconsider getting one after I go through enough of my backlog this year.

Anonymous said...

So, this is better than the MG one.
Might have this one soon ^^