Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keropla Pururu Chief Medic Part 3 [Final]

A very cheerful frog

Some action poses of the just completed Keropla Pururu Chief Medic ^^

The display base is absolutely necessary in every pose of the kit, since there's no way for it to stand using its little feet while supporting its over-sized head. XD

The generic Keropla body frame is amazingly flexible. ^^ There are tons of poses that can be configured for Pururu even with her large syringe omitted. Supported by the display base mentioned above, all the poses are very stable, and with the ability to interchange the eye expression parts, this is really a very fun kit to build and enjoy. ^^

Comparison with an average BB Senshi kit:

Comparison with BB Senshi Impulse Gundam.

Then again, as noted in the previous posting as well, those paper stickers with their edges coming off every now and then are quite an eyesore. ^^; I'm sure you'll have no trouble spotting them in the images above. ^^;

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Keropla Pururu Chief Medic

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