Friday, April 22, 2011

Gashapon Gunsou Gattai Kerobot V Part 4

Dororo and Team Kerobot V

Introduction on the last individual component of this gashapon series: Dororo and Doro Jetter.

Box and package

Instruction on forming Doro Jetter

Content for Dororo. Only one separated part as compared to the other four units for Doro Jetter indicates that there's no gimmick for this unit during transformation into Kerobot V.

Stickers included are for the wings.

Nicely painted Dororo. Even his little knife holder behind the waist is accurately realized.

Doro Jetter completed.


Wheels beneath the body are movable.

While Dororo is being shown left out of the team most of the time in the anime, I'll make an exception here in this review. ^^ Before Kerobot V's gattai, a look at the gathering of Dororo and all his friends:

Team Kerobot V ^^

In terms of individual unit, my favorite would have to be Kururu and Kuru Lander introduced in Part 3. It's very awkward-looking (which is a description that can used on all five of them anyway ^^), but it's packed with more gimmicks and articulation as compared to the other four individually.

Kerobot V is next! ^^

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