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Keropla God Keron Part 48


A look at Keropla God Keron's Dororo Robo Mk-II's transformation to its mobile driller mode after the previous posting. ^^

An interesting note before introducing its transformation design: among the five, I think Dororo Robo Mk-II has the fanciest name for its alternate mode - "Spy Drill Mode" (オンミツドリルモード) ^^

The katana and shield need to be detached first.

The elbow is bent upward for 180 degrees. The shoulder is tilted downward so that the drill is facing to the front of the robot.

Done for both arms' transformation.

The side skirt armors (with the legs attached to them) are extended outward via their straight pegs.

The leg is bent upward via the peg that connects the hips to the side skirt armor.

Using the ankle's ball-type joint, the foot is rotated to face outward.

Done for both legs' transformation.

The side skirt armors are rotated downward.

On the back, the feet are tilted at their ankle level again, this time with the soles more clearly exposed to the back.

The katana and shield are mounted onto the sides of the backpack.

All done for the transformation. ^^;

変形完了! Completion of transformation ^^

More images of Dororo Robo Mk-II in Spy Drill Mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Supposedly a subterranean mecha, this alternate mode of Dororo Robo Mk-II has a really poor image in my opinion. ^^; The two shoulder-mounted drills are perhaps the only indication of its designated function, while most other robot mode components are so poorly disguised as parts on this alt mode they seem like appendages that should be removed. ^^; Since they are of such high importance to the look of this alt mode, I think painting the drills in gun metal, and panel lined them in gray in Part 19 was a great idea. With their appearances enhanced, the risk of mistaking them as huge missiles is reduced. XD

The disappointing look of the alt mode is quite a shame to the robot mode's posability I think. As mentioned in Part 45, even with components like the limbs with elaborate grid pattern, kunai-equipped heels, and weapons that fit Dororo's image very nicely, parts meant for the robot's two other modes, including the drills, side skirt armors, and backpack thruster are pretty obtrusive. ^^; I'll probably cut their appearance some slack is they turn out to be awesome on the alternate mode, which isn't the case, unfortunately. ^^; the unreservedly obvious bent arms beneath the drills are bad-looking enough, the legs hanging out behind the threads are much worse. ^^;

Another issue which was also highlighted in Part 45 is the obvious look of the split foot parts for God Keron. That obvious image is really hard to ignore, especially on this alt mode as they have been folded downward. I recognize them as tank threads because of the painted details on the soles, but they look more like one of God Keron's feet attached right beneath the body unit, and the robot is trying to walk using the split parts. ^^; Coupled with the bent arms, this mobile driller mode looks more like the "minimized" version of the actual robot. The image is somewhat like the comparison between HoiHoi-san Mini and HoiHoi-san, but minuses the cuteness. ^^;

Interestingly, in a funny but also sad way, the look of legs behind the body makes the mecha looks like it's in a kneeling pose, with its arms bent at the same time. It almost looks like the emoticon of "orz", XD but with a large face as its body, and such disappointing look, I think the Chinese variation of that emoticon, "囧rz" would be more suitable, as it not only represent the look, and pretty much my opinion about it at the same time.

Comparison with a "real" tank from the team, Giroro Robo Mk-II: ^^

Even though I don't particularly like how most of its weapons became concealed in Giroro Robo Mk-II's mobile tank mode, it's still a fantastic-looking tank, and is much more superior in that aspect when compared to Dororo Mk-II's alt mode.

Out of the five, Dororo Robo Mk-II is definitely my pick as having the worst alternate mode design. It's kind-of ironic in my opinion, because the first kit to be assembled, Keroro Robo Mk-II is top of that list. It's certainly a "start-high-end-low" scenario I suppose. ^^;

Done with the review on Dororo Robo Mk-II, God Keron's ultimate gattai will be next, but not right after this. ^^

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