Saturday, September 5, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 1

A new milestone for the HG series

A new Gunpla I'm working on, something very closely related to MG Unicorn - its predecessor, Nu Gundam in HGUC format.

Nu Gundam was a big bang when it was first announced, more so when some its features were revealed:

The helmet and face molded in one-piece part each are quite amazing, and a brand new polycap set was designed to be used for this HGUC kit, as well as future releases in that series. These two features seemed to have great influence on that later released HG 1/144 00 Gundam, as the later also spotted a one-piece face part, and a brand new polycap set as well, which was later used by many new kits in that series.

And of course, the release sparked the hope of many wishing for a HGUC Sazabi, which eventually came true a few months later. ^^

Duplicate runners, containing mainly parts for the legs and Fin Funnels. Parts for the backpack to mount the Fin Funnels are among them as well. Marked 'X' in the manual, the few parts can still be used on the completed model actually ^^

Yellow parts - not enough to include all thrusters ^^; and a very dynamic design of the beam part for the beam sword.

The 'V' sign in the waist inherited the feature of all HG Gundams in this size from the past - require painting XD

Foil sticker and clear sticker included.

As usual, discussion on the work of this kit will start in Part 2. ^^


Chris said...

How many WIP are you having right now? I lost count. ^^;

Hope to see your Unicorn again. ^^

Q said...

I don't recall you getting this, but will be looking forward to see another 1/144 for WIP! ^^

G.G. said...

Great choice on your next project. I've recently got myself in HG as well, as I found that they have a lot of potentials for great detailing, if you put the efforts in them (and cheap to buy too).

Chris said...

@Q: If you recall, Ngee Khiong has mentioned regretting getting his HGUC Nu earlier when the Nu HWS has been announced. ^^

L said...

Do you guys think a HGUC Nu double Fin Funnel type will come out? Cuz I'm waiting for it.

Btw what does WIP stand for?

PS: omg my verification word is pedos o.O

G.G. said...

I think HGUC has enough of Nu Gundam variations. But knowing Bandai, it is definitely another money milking possibility.

WIP = Work In Progress