Friday, September 18, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 17

Surprise disappointment

A few days of silence again on Ex, thanks to my work schedule -_-|||

I'll try to finish up the review on MG Unicorn, which seems to be dragging on till forever. This would be the second last posting on it, and when it's over, some interesting stuff is coming up (apart from the review on HGUC Nu Gundam). ^^

Back to Unicorn Gundam, this posting is about the Destroy Mode's action poses.

As the title implies, I'm quite surprised that Unicorn Gundam sits very "uncomfortably" on the display stand using the clip attached:

As you can see, there's this bar in the middle of the clip, so it's barely gripping onto the groin of Unicorn Gundam when in use. As a result, he's pretty shaky even with the most basic action poses using the stand. I was very nervous when I set up some of the poses, especially the ones with him bending to the front or back, as there's no telling when the clip is going to loose its grip. There's a huge sense of anxiety that he might collapses and breaks his V-Fin ^^; That's quite a high fall considering that he's on a display stand. ^^;

I was planning to put this in the last posting actually, when there's a summary of all the positive and negatives points to this model, but I suppose it's more relevant discussing it here.

On top of that, some transformed components can't be secured in their positions actually, as you can see in many of the pictures above. It gets annoying after a while, when you have to adjust everything for every pose, since everywhere you press and hold would "un-transform" that part. The waist is definitely the best example for this bad point. The groin is always Destroy Mode "off" in many of the pictures above ^^;

And I have given up bothering about the rear skirt armors with the thrusters. I'm quite sure they are "off" all the time ^^;

Last review of Gundam Unicorn in the next posting.


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

that 'angelic' pose sure looks some sort of weird.....

G.G. said...

While your disappointed is valid. But thats the beauty of working on a gunpla kit, is to think & to device a way to tackle problems such as the one your described. Making simple modifications do a world of good. Cheers!

L said...

And to think I just leave it in unicorn mode since I was getting to pissed with the transform gimmiks going unicorn mode by itself. Too bad the waist lock thing at the back doesn't help at all; just makes unicorn lean forward in destroy mode. >_>

Chris said...

The bar on the middle of the clip... can't it be cut off?

G.G. said...

L: I know who you are now. =)