Saturday, September 12, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 3


Done with paint dry, and paint again for the yellow parts mentioned in Part 1, cleaning them up and panel-line the border is next.

There's no special way in this step actually, and those who are following through with the other reviews would know how I do it, which is simply scratching the excess paint off with a knife, not even an art knife, just a normal snap knife. The paint must be completely dry of course, so that it won't leave any "trail" behind.

Fin Funnel - no scratching for these parts actually, since any excess paint on top can be covered up by the foil sticker later.

A bit of details on the side of the parts. Half of all the white parts - the ones for the top portion of the Fin Funnel block when mounted onto the backpack will have this little details.

Armors - Much easier to paint and scratch, since the white base color of the parts can show off the color painted on it more easily.

V-sign on waist - just paint more layers of yellow and then use the panel-line on its border to cover up the excess yellow paint.

Leg & backpack thrusters - Light color on (very) dark surface requires more layers of Gundam Marker. I think I must have applied three of four layers before panel-lining the parts. But after everything has dried, the rest of the steps are quite easy to follow through. ^^

All this while, I look at the little thrusters for the backpack and feel that they look like seashells. That's probably the weirdest association for Gundam parts so far (quite some time ago, I look at 00 Gundam's combined GN Sword II and feel that it looks like a boat oar XD). Luckily, the details inside the thrusters aren't too complicated, and not too deep as well. They can be reached by my panel-liner.

Everything going quite well at the moment. Progress on Nu Gundam's other parts coming up next. ^^


Chris said...

Haha, seashell. If it were me, I would mess up the details inside the thrusters one way or the other. I can't seem to make my hands steady.

Boat oar, huh? lol And Z thought they look like spatula.

Val Varo said...

I can't keep a steady hand either, so I bought a few Gundam Marker Removers. I've had plenty of painting practice with a HGUC Asshimar, and I assure you they work quite well.
I can't wait to see how your progress on the Nu comes, NG. I'll end up getting one myself, along with a Sazabi. It'll be a while, though, since I got 10 models on order, 4 sitting unopened in my room, and a MG Zeta 2.0 half-finished.
I've picked up your all-marker tech already, maybe I can try the multiple-WIP too.

Q said...

lol seashells and boat oars

So the yellow parts of the thrusters need a lot of layers in order to look universal. Looks like a bit of patience is required then.

Btw I've just done my NG 1/100 Exia Roll Out Colour, and coloured the edge of the GN Sword with silver nail varnish. You can try that out yourself with a bit of masking tape too (I used normal clear sticky tapes though ^^;)

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hahahahah.....boat oars....

maybe i should try on looking a canoe for my OO Raiser...