Thursday, September 24, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 5

All black today

Working on the head and weapons of Nu Gundam today.

The vernier on either side of the helmet can be a problem to panel-lined, since the holes are small and it's hard for the ink to reach the end.

Just deploy the paint method used for the knee and skirt armors of 1/100 Astray Red Frame ^^;

Clean off excess ink using a cotton swap with alcohol (or Ammeltz Yoko Yoko XD) and it's done. ^^

Panel-lined the other parts.

Panel-lined parts for the beam rifle and beam sword. The back of the little tab on the beam sword is painted in black as well.

Panel-lined parts for the shield. The middle part of the missiles are painted in black.

Parts for the Hyper Baz.

Quite a few spots that require painting, all which are to be in black.

Painted all the parts using Gundam Marker Black, and left to dry.

Black on white is perhaps the easiest color combo for Gundam Marker I suppose. Unless it's involving a large area, one layer of paint is enough. For Nu Gundam, that's the case, since most of the parts that require painting are rather small.

All pre-assembly tasks done for Nu Gundam. All parts will be left in the box for some time to allow the ink of the panel lines and paint to dry even more.

Reviews on Banpresto's Humable Model Gundam RX-78-2 are still ongoing. But new items and reviews are coming up ^^


Anonymous said...

OMG! Honestly, you've f'ed-up the head.

You should stick with MG since it fares better with your limited paint work. While HG needs much more work to make them look good. Your think panel linings looks very "Big Green" toy style, if you catch my cantonese drift.

Anonymous said...

i see nothing wrong with the head, if you dont like how he does his models just look at them, i see nothing wrong with what he does and how he does it, and obviously neither does he.

keep up the good work,

Q said...

What's with these MG fanboys saying "screw HG and get MG" that I hear so often? There's so much prejudice.

@ 1st anon:
Besides, it's "大陸" (Big ground), a slang for mainland China which is what you mean , NOT "大緑" (Big green)!

jeboody said...

how did you get the black to look to evenly w/ gundam marker? my paint never looks even, even if it's on white.

and do you also use cotton swab with alcohol here to clean up excess paint?

G.G. said...

The head looks good.

@1st anon: You are totally missing the point of having a hobby. Is not about making them look professional & all. Is the enjoyment process of building them and also the expression of individual art style. As you will noticed, this is not a place to critic but to share ideas & appreciate other's work. And NK is one of the better detail painter that I found.

NK: Keep up the good work.

Gunstray said...

Hmmm How could I say this, "It is Beautiful!" Despite having a few blobs, its still wonderful ^^

Stefan said...

Wow, once again, great work.

I have to say, I'm envious of the great success you have inking your models!