Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka Part 16

Emphasis on simplicity

Various shots of MG Unicorn Gundam in Destroy Mode after the transformation in Part 15:

The Destroy Mode is very exciting to look at ^^ And I think I have achieved what I want from this model in the first place - to see a very simple combination of white armors and red Psycho Frame. From afar, you see the split between armors and the exposing the red Psycho Frame, moving in closer, you see the details on both of those components. Not panel-lined as discussed before, those details, because the details are not what I want to see on this model in the first place.

As noted by many as well, I do face the problem of weak ankle joint for the Unicorn Mode as well. All the parts for that joint are made of ABS, and using it all the time weakens it after a while, but that's unavoidable, as the ankle joint is involved in the movement of the leg most of the time. Apart from using a display stand, the only way I did to help out the joint is to tilt the model backward a bit for it's stand-up poses. This helps to balance out the weight placed onto the ankle joint a bit.

I don't get the problem with the ankle on the Destroy Mode though, probably because there's this a piece of armor lifted up from the shoe and as it's always hitting the two protruding ankle guards from the transformation, they helps to lessen the burden of the ankle joint? XD

Then again, because of those two parts, there's really not much movement for the ankle in the Destroy Mode ^^;

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G.G. said...

I guess is smart to not paint this kit, since transforming into destroy / unicorn mode might chip off some paints. Nice build.