Sunday, September 6, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 2

The yellow fever

Was starting to panel-line the parts for the arm, ...

... when I realize that the little verniers on the forearms need to be painted in yellow.

OK, painted those parts then. Will be drawing a little dot inside them when the paint has dried to show its depth.

Then I remember the V sign in the waist needs the same treatment as well.

OK, painted that part too.

Then, I thought, "Might as well just do all other parts that need to be in yellow then?" So, just like having a slight fever which degrades into a more serious one, the whole night was spent on painting yellow onto various parts ^^

Fin Funnel - the foil stickers only cover the surface of the part, not the edge when it's folded, so the bottom area needs to be painted.

There are three sets of parts, with different design for each set. So it's better to label them properly before the work, in case you won't be able to recognize which one is for which set later on. ^^;


Other parts to be painted: verniers for the legs (6), yellow claw part for the shoe (4, front and heel), thrusters for the rear and side skirt armors (8), interior of the main thrusters behind the legs (2) and backpack (4).

Painted, waiting for more layers to be applied.

Putting them inside paper box to dry for a day.

Color used is Gundam Marker Yellow for SEED Basic Set, and for those who are wondering, the color isn't exactly the same as instructed in the manual. The official color is of much darker tone. Since I don't have that color, I'm compensating with Gundam Marker instead. In my plan, the color would become a little darker when more layers of the same color is painted, but still not enough to become the same as the official color of course.

Also, the difference in color isn't going to be too hard to bear, as majority of the parts in yellow for the whole model is painted using the Gundam Marker now, and it has overtook the original darker yellow as the main color. ^^;

Might as well just think of it as having two shades of yellow on the same model now instead of trying to get one uniform color. ^^

The only concern I have is the bottom part of the Fin Funnel. The body of that section is of the darker yellow, while the painted parts are in lighter yellow. The combination of both colors for the single part is going to look quite funny I imagine ^^;


Dale said...

For gods sake, get a compressor and an airbrush!

You have all these kits but aren't showing off their true potential! It frustrates me to know that they still look like they are just OOBs when they're done!!!

Gundam markers are meant to only be used for extreme detailing...

Chris said...

@Dale: Not everybody is that rich. I myself use markers for most of the painting. They're easy to use and doesn't require much time like airbrush which will mean masking and that takes time.

HGUC does need much painting,huh? Yellow doesn't cover well on darker base well, does it... haha. That's a lot of work done.

ed said...

@dale - airbrushes are overrated =P

@chris - i did to my hguc nu wd ngeekhiong did to his for the parts tt needed yellow paint. paint a layer of white as base 1st =D

AstrayP03 said...

Air brushes are expensive >.<
Gundam Markers are great except for red... hell a lot of cleaning if you mess up...

I myself prefer to use whatever I have to detail xD

Dale said...

Look, I know airbrushes are expensive, some may think they're overrated (which I totally disagree with by the way, how can they be overrated? Dry-brushing/markers can never do what airbrushes can...), but that isn't what I meant...

See, by looking at this blog, he obviously spends a lot of money on his kits, buying multiple kits at a time, why not save that cash for a couple months, and get the airbrush? He obviously loves what he does, and the care and attention to detail can be seen in his completed kits, imagine what he can do if he had an airbrush as well!

ed said...

i think ngeekhiong could well afford an airbrush.
no doubt he'd do a good job painting his kits with an airbrush but he'd be just like other modeller at the end of the day.
He's special becoz of the things he can do with simple markers! and thats y alot of us are here =D

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it is sitting on his shelf not ours ^^. It is up to Ngee Khiong to decide what he wants to do with his kit. We are just all sharing our love for making gunpla, though methods and our ideas of how good our kits should be are different ^^. He always amazes me with using gundam markers to great effect!

Choon Kiat said...

Hello people ! I've been lurking around abit and I must say NgeeKhiong does wonders with the Gundam Markers. Wish I could say so for myself =( I quite new to this whole gunpla thing and thought I would start detailing with Gundam Markers, but I ended up making more of a mess than good. Any tips for a newbie like me ? =X

xxxx said...

difference people, difference taste.xD
i prefer gundam marker more.
not build gunpla for pro competition, but just for collect,displaying n satisfaction pupose only.

Any-Key said...

I got an Airbrush and I'm happy with it (cost me 120€ the Airbrush Pistol and 100€ the Compressor (A lucky find on eBay - this Compressor as a new one would have costed at least 300€ )

Yea, Airbrushing need a lot of time (masking, cleaning, etc.), but looking at my Gouf, my Zaku I Topp Custom, and my currently under construction Exia Repair, I'm happy that I bought an Airbrush - but not everybody is into an Airbrush, but I recommend to try an Airbrush atleast once - maybe it's now overrated and will improve you models results?

But, honestly, I just use my Airbrush on MG models (as stated above) - HG models are just done with markers - except those who are used for dioramas.

Ngee Khiong said...

I'm the sort of people who enjoy the process of making Gunplas more than seeing the final result. As you can see from all my previous reviews, every kit were finished through work on parts by parts, until everything were ready for the final assembly.

Instead of waiting for a weekend or holiday t concentrate all work on a single kit, I would work on a few parts whenever I'm free until all of them are done. As a matter of fact, sometime the individual WIP posting is a composition of a few days' work, which is why things are so slow. Gundam Markers and the various other markers I use are most convenience to that style of mine.

I don't know how to say it properly, but the whole hobby is more of reliving the good old days of mine when I first started Gunpla-ing - no proper tools or markers, just anything remotely close to build each kit, but I enjoyed the time very much. Now that I'm working (and studying at the same time), I'm at the edge of giving up Gunpla-ing and start on collecting action figures instead because of my hectic schedule. But still, it's a very nostalgic hobby for me, so I rather do things very slowly instead of not doing it at all.

Enjoying the process is what I like most about Gunplas. That's why I could spend a whole night working on a pilot cockpit when it's not going to be shown in the end, or panel-lining the many details the old-fashioned way.

Preparing each part, saving the fun of the final assembly till the end is the excitement I find in each kit. That's why I find building the whole model, or part of it, and then prime and airbrush it not to my preference, because you get to complete assembling it right at the beginning.

G.G. said...

I think NK basically summarized what is the most important part of gunpla modelling... Is the enjoyment of the process that really counts. I beleive everyone enjoys them different, weather painted, un-painted, using G-markers or airbrush w/ extreme detailing.

I persoanlly choose to airbrush w/ detailing using g-markers.

rpt011r said...

Re: Studio Half-Eye post

The company is not splitting. Takashima is firing all his staff as of November and the only staff of "Studio Half-Eye" will be... Takashima himself. Studio Halfeye will become a sole-proprietorship.

- All previous resin cast kits will no longer be sold.

- From now on, he will take orders from other companies and create the masters for resin kits (similar to what groups like Studio Reckless does for B-Club for example).

- He will still reissue previous kits and make new kits. But from now on, the focus will be on kits and not completed figures/items.

- Of course, he understands some people like to buy completed items - so he will take very very limited orders (like a few per month) and (due to the rarity) the price will increase accordingly.

- After sales service will still be provided - but of course, all such service will only be provided by ... well... Takashima himself :) So expect slow responses.

Rick88 said...

I'm satisfied with my gunpla without airbrush paint.

It's just a hobby for leisure time. Why so serious, dude? Relax


Epsilon_013 said...

umm...I prefer not to airbrush my gunpla, just paint with brush, because it may scratch the paint when i move some parts (it happened to my armored core kits) But some gunpla got airbrush because i put it fixed pose, forever. But some color, like and metalic and clear color, are better paint using airbrush than brush to get optimal color on plastic surface

Arshad said...

Haha you fell into the same yellow trap too, NK?

If I was paying attention this could have easily been solved by a simple permanent orange marker, since there doesn't seem to be an orange Gundam Marker as far as I can tell.

As for the result, see for yourself.

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