Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HGUC Nu Gundam Part 4

Old habit die hard

Completed the major paint job for the thrusters in the previous review, time to move on to the other parts. ^^

Quite a lot of details behind the skirt and leg armors for a HG kit, which would be too wasteful not to panel-line ^^

Just couldn't resist the temptation and painted the non-movable hydraulic pipes on the knee joint in my favorite combo of gold and silver. XD
The pipe behind the joint is painted in gray, to make it look different from the part's color - this component is a mesh pipe for the MG version.

Panel-lined the parts after the paint dried.

The black bar over the mount rack of the beam sword needs to be painted.

Panel-lined the shoulder armors, the black parts for the Fin Funnels and the body as well.

A very happy Gunpla part XD

Will work on the head and weapons in the next review.


Busterbeam said...

beautiful panel lines and piston detail as usual. reminds me of your mg destiny. great stuff!

Chris said...

lol Happy Gunpla part. That was cute. XD

Q said...

Didn't know that they have inner details for HGUC CCA gunpla. And the hydraulics won't be covered up completely and will still be visible to some degree, which is a good thing ^^

lol at happy gunpla part XD

Anonymous said...

I think the black panel line against the plastic white looks way off. It is the result of not painting the rest of the kit, but oh well.

The pistons paint job are good.

If you buy a can of Tamiya Flat Clear, it will dull your whole kit getting rid of the plastic feel. Something to consider without spending too much money & skills.

EZ8 said...

Its not as happy as HG Stargazer's bare back :D