Monday, April 12, 2010

HCM-Pro Exia Part 2

Since it's from Bandai Hobby Division anyway

HCM-Pro Gundam Exia straight out of the box:

The V-fin is made of soft rubber. Another one made of ABS is also included.

The four beam sabers/beam daggers can be attached to their designated positions right away, as with the GN Sword and GN Shield for a display of Gundam Exia in "5 swords". The mount racks for GN Long and Short Blades however, which are designed to be on two thigh parts needs a bit of Gunpla work to be used.

It's one of the special features of a HCM-Pro release actually, as mentioned in Part 1. Runners containing certain parts are included, and one needs to cut them out from the runners in order to apply them onto the action figure, much like some Gunpla work there before all the parts are ready. ^^ I suppose this is how Bandai Hobby Division wants others to recognize this action figure to be from the company.

And of course, since it's somewhat similar to a Gunpla, the problem of cutting a part from its runner is unfortunately inherited as well. ^^;

Chip marks on the various parts to be treated with Gundam Markers.

Colors used are white (armor on the hand units, beam saber/beam dagger handles) and gray (edges of the mount racks)

Some flaws in the painting of the white part behind the GN shield and gray part in the middle of the GN Blade.
I'm not too particular about these tiny spots so I'll just leave them just like that.

Some dirty spots on the head to spoil the fun as well. ^^;
They will be scratched away and painted with Gundam Marker White.

A "completed" HCM-Pro Gundam Exia in the next review.

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