Thursday, April 15, 2010

HCM-Pro Exia Part 4

Theoretically super awesome

The articulation of HCM-Pro Gundam Exia:

Movement of the head is limited by the two "wall" around the neck, unfortunately.

The secondary V-Fin on top of the chest can be retracted.

The entire shoulder armor can be lifted upwards, but when the arms are bent upwards from the side, the GN Stripes made of soft rubber will eventually push them down.

Wide angle of bending for the elbow. A peg joint in the wrist allows the hand to bend inwards and outwards.

The shoulder blocks can be pulled out from the upper body for much wider articulation of the chest.

The shoulder armor, shoulder block and elbow combines to enable many human-like poses such as this one.

The upper body can be pulled upwards at the waist and chest area, allowing the waist to break free from the skirt armors to bend to the left and right ...

... and a little bit forward and backward.

The front skirt armor can be lifted.

Articulation for the leg.

As with the plamo version, the skirt armor will get in the way of the thigh when it's lifted. ^^;

Rear view of the knee joint - a bit of details molded on the joints.

The ankle guard can be move up and down.

The unique feature of HCM-Pro Gundam Exia's articulation: the front portion of the foot is movable. Only the MG release has this feature in the plamo series of Gundam Exia.

Front view of the knees and the feet.

Details below the feet.

Articulation for the hip joint.

Just two ball-type joints for the hip.

The GN Sword's handle moves on peg joint.

While the figure has many incredible joints on the whole body, stability of the figure to hold the different poses is a major issue. The legs can move a lot thanks to the knee and front portion of the foot, but they are not strong enough to prevent the figure from falling down. If the figure were to be heavier for its lower body, I think it would be much more stable in sustaining its movement. The upper body is fine, except for the shoulder GN Stripe which likes to cancel many of the arm's upward pose ^^;

Due to the posing issue of the lower body, the special display base included turns from being a bonus to a very important accessory. ^^

HCM-Pro Gundam Exia in action in the next review.

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Anonymous said...

is the hcm-pro exia sp ver. has the same feature as the regular release? btw ur exia is too cool nk