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RAH Chunli Part 1

Moeyo + Moeru

I was thinking about reviewing this item in "Moe" March, but somehow, it didn't feel right to group her in the "Moe" category. ^^; Come "Action figure" April, and after the two items: Transformers Alternity Convoy Super Black Ver. and HCM-Pro Gundam Exia, I don't feel right putting her in the same category as those two either. ^^;

Such is the awkward situation for Medicom Toy's Real Action Hero (RAH) 12" Chunli. ^^ An action figure with a very cute face but is meant for plenty of fighting action.

In the end, I decided to do a review on her this month, "Action figure" April because I couldn't think of any other time suitable, and the next "Moe" March, if I still want to keep that monthly theme, will be 12 months from now. ^^;

RAH Chunli is another case of missing it when it first came out but with a happy ending like many of my other purchases. Unlike some of them however, the reason why I missed it when it was released in January last year was because of the price - I was pondering whether I should spend that much on a female action figure. ^^; Another reason is because I didn't pay much attention to the RAH series back then, so I only got to know about Chunli when it was about to be released. Anyway, after its release when I saw review of this action figures on various forums and the cries of her going out of stock, I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to just go for her - both the regular blue and exclusive white version. ^^;

The order was placed back in late May last year I think. By then it was already pretty hard to look for her on Malaysian hobby web stores, so when I did find her, brand new ones available for purchase, I jumped at the opportunity. Everything went well and I got her in early June.

I'm all for the figure's beauty actually. As a fan of Chunli (even though I only played the game on computer emulator program back in secondary school for a short period of time) it's quite depressing that there weren't many nice figurines of Chunli released in the past. Also, funnily enough, all of them feature different face sculpture for her. ^^; I suppose there's no official/confirmed design of her profile to help everyone on that matter.

Personally, I think the RAH interpretation of Chunli's face sculpture and details are the best so far. Furthermore, in 12" (1/6) scale, the figure is huge enough for one to really appreciate the beauty. ^^

The box isn't very big actually. Frankly I was surprised when I received the parcel, I used to think that it's going to really big, since the figure is 12" tall, but it turns out that it's just slightly taller than an average 1/100 scale Gunpla.

That's good news really, it helps a lot on storage XD

The box has a hard paper cover that you can open, revealing the window to the figure stored inside. So you can treat it as a collectible as well. The design of the box is just plain simple, with the logo of Street Fighter" repeated on almost every side of the box. There's no telling of Chunli's design from the outside of the box as there's no illustration of her, no picture none soever. I'm not sure if Medicom Toy is playing the "serious" mood on the box design or maybe they didn't bother at all. ^^;

The specifications of the figure printed on the bottom left corner behind the hard paper cover.

The content can be seen from the window (except the display stand).

The blue version.

The white version.

The content of the figure, which is the same between the blue and while version.

The details of the figure can be seen easily even before removing the plastic tray. ^^

Parts for the clear display stand are packed and just taped to the back of the plastic tray via sellotape ^^;

Apart from the display stand, Chunli's accessories is just a pair of open type palm. That's kind of understandable because of her character design in the game. Another head part with a different face expression would be really nice, but it would probably jack the price higher even more that it already was. ^^;

Only the blue version will be featured in my review, it's not that I want to stored up the white version for its label of being limited, but since both version has the same content, I don't feel like opening up the other box. ^^;

More images of Chunli out of the box in the next review. ^^

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