Saturday, April 17, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 8

Pilot, can you read me?

More painting on even more parts of MG Crossbone Full Cloth's Core Fighter after yesterday, but most of the work is optional this time.

Painted the 4 sets of twin hydraulic pipes on the binders in gold and silver using Gundam Markers, and panel-lined of course.

The painting on the side is not treated well, since it's going to be covered up by the white part of the binder.

A little vernier at the bottom of the Core Fighter's body is painted in gray to show contrast with the body.

Painted the (half) pilot figure with a few layers of Gundam Marker White and panel-lined it.

The lack of details on the dashboard troubles me though, since you can see it through the canopy. ^^;

As with MG Unicorn Gundam and F91, I cut out pieces from the foil sticker included to make the dashboard.

Three elevations of details for the entire dashboard.
The green one in the middle has 4 cut marks to add on a little bit more details.
The largest panel right in front of the pilot is still dull-looking though. ^^;

I'll get a piece of the caution clear stickers to put on it for more details.

The result will show that the pilot is reading something from the monitor instead of staring at a blank panel. ^^

This is how it's supposed to look like when assembled.

All the parts painted for the Core Fighter.


Chris said...

Again, nice details, but your zoom up pics look quite blur for me to really appreaciate the effort you put in.

Yu Xiang said...

Hats off to the innovative pro, pro pro pro......

parker said...

Cool thing u done there for the pilot dashboard!