Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MG Crossbone Full Cloth Part 9

Still quite a cumbersome paint job

A bit of update on the work of my MG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth.

Moving on to the shoulder armors this time. And again, quite a bit of painting here if you are not going to use the foil sticker. ^^;

The yellow parts are painted with Gundam Marker Yellow. Quite a few layers are needed since they have a black surface color. Area around the round parts are painted using a toothpick as usual.

Completed, with panel line.

Others parts of the shoulder armors are to be panel-lined only.

Not as much details as compared to other MGs.

Repeat for the other shoulder armor.

And some work unfinished from the Core Fighter:

Panel-line the interior of the 4 main thrusters.

Panel-line the exterior of thrusters by "scribble" on the surface and then wipe clean with a piece of tissue. Some ink will go into the lines, becoming the details.

The ones on the left are panel-lined.

Done for all 4 thrusters.

Panel lining the exterior of the thrusters is pretty messy but easy, panel lining the interior of the thrusters is an excruciating work though. ^^; Any slip will ruin the yellow paint as the black ink can't be lifted from any painted surface well. ^^; And that inverted surface is really hard to panel line to begin with. I was working under such worries the whole time. ^^; I'm really glad that it's over now. ^^

Easy sail with the rest of the parts now? ^^

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Anonymous said...

you can barely tell the difference but good job anyway.