Monday, September 6, 2010

1/100 Legend Gundam Part 1

Large parts for the win, ... or maybe not?

The next project I'm working on after HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type is this one: 1/100 Legend Gundam from "Gundam SEED Destiny".

Legend Gundam is the slimmed down version of Providence Gundam in my opinion. The proportion of the body has been designed to match that of a regular Gundam. Some similarities with its predecessor are retained, like the high collar, long shoulder armors, pointy groin part and large legs, but overall, it's sharper and more agile-looking than Providence Gundam. No more beam "bazooka", the solid shield/beam saber combo is replaced by a more standard beam shield and 2 separate beam sabers, but more importantly in my opinion, the signature backpack that mounts the Dragoons is now separated into left and right sections and with a lot more articulation as compared to Providence Gundam's, which is an entirely solid component that doesn't have much function other than to store the Dragoons.

I like Providence Gundam for the sense of authority it emits through its size. One of the design points inherited from it onto Legend Gundam that makes me like the latter a lot is the "crown" on its head.

It looks pretty much like headpiece on Providence, but it was designed to be so much larger and longer until it looks like a pair of antenna, very cool looking in my opinion. Combine that with the ventless face and you get a really fierce looking Gundam. ^^

In terms of this 1/100 Gunpla, the very first Action Display Base 1 was included as the special first batch production prize for this kit. So those who got it the moment it was released back in June 2006 will get the base. I didn't get it because I had other items at that time on my list. ^^; This one I'm working on would be the regular release version.

The content

Runner A contains all the blue and white parts for the entire kit.

Beam shield part is made of clear blue soft plastic.

Runner B contains mainly the parts for the backpack.

Very large parts for the backpack. You can safely bet the similar parts on 1/100 Providence Gundam would be even larger looking at these. ^^

Runner c - parts for the waist and Dragoon pieces.

Some details behind the front skirt armors, and each of the Dragoon parts is a complete piece, much like the beam saber.

Runner D contains mainly parts for the leg.

The "card holder". ^^

Runners E and F contain red and gray parts respectively for mainly the body, feet and beam rifle.

Runner G and H.
Runner G contains parts for the legs and arms, while Runner H, the only ABS runner in the kit contains joint parts mainly for backpack.

Polycaps, clear red beam saber parts, foil stickers and the character card of Rey Za Burrel.
Polycap set used if PC-116, a pretty much a standard set for most 1/100 Gunplas.

All 201 parts. Plenty of painting ahead - the rifle (entire gray), interior of the shoulder armor, interior of the thrusters, nozzles on the Dragoons etc. Plenty of large parts for this kits with tons of details yes, but better color separation allowing it to be more truthful to its mecha setting, maybe not. ^^;

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pastafazoola said...

good luck in assembling your legend gundam.i had lots of fun coloring and assembling that kit way way back when there was a 'drought' in animation biz....*-D