Sunday, September 19, 2010

MSIA Zudah Unit 1 Part 5

A flying Zudah with Zaku Bazooka

Try saying that 10 times. XD

More action poses of MSIA Zudah for this posting.

The machine gun can be mounted on the side of the leg, but the drum magazine must be removed first.

And with a Gunpla stand added:

With the display stand, not only does the figure look more dynamic in action, it's a lot more truthful to its appearance in the OVA I believe, since the only time when the MS is shown standing on the ground is when it's in the hangar of The test ship, with of course no action intended. ^^; A dedicated space combat type MS this Zudah seems to be. And for that, the figure most certainly doesn't disappoint in terms of action poses when it's not on the ground. ^^

A comparison with the HGUC plamo kit version will conclude the entire review in the next posting.

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