Thursday, September 16, 2010

MSIA Zudah Unit 1 Part 2

Honey, I shrink the Heat Hawk

Parts and weapons of MSIA Zudah straight out of the box.

All items: Sturm Faust x2, shield, option hand unit (left and right closed fists for machine gun and bazooka, left and right closed fists for Heat Hawk), backpack, spare magazine for Zaku Machine Gun, Zaku Bazooka, Zaku Machine Gun and Heat Hawk.

Details of the thruster's interior can match that on the HGUC plamo kit version.

Inner frame details on the backpack.

All weapons.

The very well painted shield.

Movable twin spikes and handle.
Ball-type joint connects the shield to the right shoulder.

2 designated mount latches behind the shield for the Sturm Faust.

Safety design for younger fans - all weapons are made of soft rubber, as seen via the extremely bendable shield and Sturm Faust. XD

Zaku Machine Gun with 2 magazines.

The spare drum can be mounted to the side skirt armor.

Ball-type joint for the hand units.

Targeting sensor of the bazooka is movable.

The bazooka can be mounted to the rear skirt armor.

Oddly enough, the targeting sensors on both the machine gun and bazooka are unpainted.
Quite unfitting after seeing so much details painted on the single shield earlier on. ^^;

Very tiny heat hawk. ^^; Can be mounted to the side of the leg.

That tiny Heat Hawk must be a joke really. ^^; It's disproportionately small to the entire figure. It's really funny, come to think of it, because the same "issue", if I may call it an issue (XD), is the same for MSIA Gundam Exia's sissy GN Short Blade. Somehow there has to be one weapon of strange scale per MSIA figure, at least that's my observation from MSIA Gundam Exia and Zudah that I have, but that maybe too much of an hasty conclusion from me. I was hoping the designer throw in an extra large Heat Hawk for safety consideration. That would be awesome. ^^

The paint scheme of the Heat Hawk is pretty good though - metallic black for the body and silver for the blade part.

More images of a full armed Zudah in the next posting.

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