Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam & O Raiser Part 1

Rather troublesome but somewhat outstanding docking features

Moving on from the introduction of HCM-Pro O Raiser yesterday to the formation of 00 Raiser in this posting.

Even the boxes of HCM-Pro 00 Gundam and O Raiser can be combined.

Just the edges of the boxes on the front can combine, not anywhere else.
The design is very consistent though.

Separated components of O Raiser and the backpack and GN Drive parts for the formation.

Separate the original backpack from 00 Gundam.

Swap the binders onto the new backpack.
The difference between the two backpack is the tabs on the new one that will connect to the main body of O Raiser.

The special tool included to detach the original GN Drives from the base.

Swap with the new ones, which are shorter and blunter.

Pull out the tail unit from O Raiser's main body ...

... and fold the two ends 90 degrees opposite of each others until the main body is on top of the tail beneath the middle piece.

Attach the main body to the new backpack.

Flip out a tiny hook from inside the base of the wing binder.

Attach the connector to one of the three holes on the GN Drive.

Adjust the fins on the side of the binders and done.

Part swapping for the backpack and GN Drives is quite troublesome really. The backpack is easier since the part is bigger, but detaching the GN Drives is quite difficult, even the special tool didn't really help much really. That's one thing I don't like about HCM-Pro O Raiser as compared to the plamo kit version.

One great feature about the formation is how the wing binder is attached to the GN Drive. One hook connecting to one of the holes on the GN Drive. When the binder moves, only the GN drive would move with it and not the base. Folks who want the most realistic representation of the docking sequence of 00 Raiser from the anime would definitely be impressed with this design I believe, especially when you consider the other release of 00 Raiser with somewhat similar design point is the Perfect Grade plamo kit version. All other releases of 00 Raiser have the wing binders attaching onto the base of the GN Drive, partially or entirely.

One exclusive feature of HCM-Pro O Raiser. ^^

More images showing the gimmicks and accessories of 00 Raiser in the next posting.

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