Sunday, December 5, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 7

Details all around the corner

Crazy details on every piece of MG Infinite Justice Gundam's waist armor. ^^

Somehow even the details on the exterior of the waist armors are a little bit more elaborate than other armor components of the kit.

Front skirt armors and top portion of the side skirt armors.

Details behind the front skirt armors.
Quite a bit of clean-up on the paint for the panel-lines done in Part 3.

Details on the top portion of the side skirt armors - the mount rack for the beam saber.

Plenty of details here and there on the bottom half of the side skirt armors
Some details were done through painting previously, and some are through pen in this posting.

Details behind the rear skirt armor.

Details on the hip joint parts as well.

Beam saber parts.
MG Infinite Justice Gundam has really big beam saber it seems. ^^

Some other smaller parts for the waist component, mainly thrusters/vents.
The long narrow valleys of the gray vents were made really easy with just slipping paint into them. ^^

Moving on to the backpack next. ^^


Unknown said...

I really like the detail on the beam saber handles. makes it "pop" more than regular plain white blank saber handles.

Wingedsora said...

Hi there, I ran into site while looking up some images of the infinite justice. Its an awesome model. Your panels lines are really good. Mines need work. What got me to post was that fact that I am also currently panel lining mine as well. I'm using a Gundam Marker though. Its was also my first MG too. Only down side is that I, sadly lost one of its hilts. So no more duel wielding.