Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 13

Mighty boomerang!

The sort-of "ceremonial" last component to work on for my Gunpla projects - the head. ^^

For MG Infinite Justice Gundam, this is about the only component on the entire kit where you don't have to deal with something "internal" XD

All the parts that are either panel-lined or painted.

Moderate amount of details on the exterior of the helmet.

Painted black on the area
right above the eye level behind the helmet to give more depth to the eyes when the kit is assembled.

Has line details behind the V-fin, which is quite rather for any Gunpla. ^^
Also, you can observe from the number of boxes it occupied on the cutting mat that this is a huge piece of V-fin ^^

Drilled the 4 turrets of the CIWS parts using pin vise to make it more realistic looking.

All done for MG Infinite Justice Gundam before the actual assembly, which won't start until next year. All 13 parts of pre-assembly work, for a MG kit, that's pretty fast on my record. XD

Going back to the review on HCM-Pro 00 Gundam after this.

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