Sunday, December 12, 2010

MG Infinite Justice Part 11

No flashlight on my Gundam please

Counting down the last few pieces of parts to work on for MG Infinite Justice Gundam. ^^

More delicate parts of the body unit after the previous posting.

2 clear parts for the chest that I have no idea what they are for. ^^; They are clearly not Vulcans since there are 2 of such parts for the top of the chest.

Shown as Vulcans (?) on the box art, but the completed model behind the manual shows them as just clear parts of unknown purpose. XD

Decided to make the clear parts as Vulcan, as how the box art depicts them as.
Eliminated the clear color by painting the parts in gray using Gundam Marker Gray.

Make the nozzle by using pin vise introduced quite some time ago.

Panel-lined the edges and painted the interior of the nozzle in gray.

Done transforming the clear parts into 2 extra Vulcans for the completed kit. I do prefer Vulcans to clear parts since a pair of extra weapon sounds like a good thing for the Gundam - having extra fixed weapon is always good, even if Infinite Justice Gundam never really fired the Vulcans in the anime (too many beam weapons to use anyway), and when they don't actually exist in the original mecha design (see Mahq Dotnet) XD

More importantly, having 4 Vulcans on the chest make it more consistent in design with the dual machine gun on both sides of the helmet. ^^

Moving on to another delicate part - the pilot figure next.

Panel-lined the pilot figure first to differentiate between the sections on a tiny white part.

References to the color of the figure from the side of the box and from the manual.
While I'm not going to paint the standing figure of Athlun, the painted version as shown is an excellent example to follow for the pilot figure. ^^

Various pens and markers to be used for the figure.

First color to go onto the figure is yellow (from Gundam Marker Yellow) for the shoulder.
The large backpack part is very convenient to be used to hold the Gundam Marker paint. ^^

Second color is red (from normal marker and red whiteboard marker ink) for the arms, legs and the helmet.
I'm substituting the original color of purple with red to make the suit more outstanding when the figure is in the cockpit.

Third color is black (from normal marker and pen) for the rest of the suit.

Last color is metallic green (from normal pen) for the visor.

Done for 3 parts in total for this posting. XD Moving on to the pilot cockpit in the next posting, but it won't be as complicated as the one I did for MG Destiny Gundam though. XD


Anonymous said...

I think the clear parts are just lights or sensors? =S

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I could never paint such a tiny part like the pilot. Everytime, I just skip the part and have them cover up in the cockpit. Respect man!

Juno said...

Maybe the clear pieces are its nipples hehe ;P

Besh • ベシマル said...

neat! are you using a fine brush or a toothpick or something to paint the pilot?