Sunday, December 19, 2010

HCM-Pro 00 Gundam Part 5

Pretty good on its own II

Another round of action poses from HCM-Pro 00 Gundam after the first posting on Friday. It's all GN Sword II this time. ^^

Thanks to the location of the mount rack, I feel that the shield doesn't look good at all when it's on the forearm. ^^;

Looks much better when they are separated and mounted onto the GN Drives. ^^

Finally, before the end of this posting, a comparison between 00 Gundam and its predecessor, Gundam Exia.

Although one of the GN Drives on 00 Gundam is supposedly inherited from Gundam Exia, the design doesn't look similar at all. ^^;

00 Gundam is much better in terms of articulation. It ankle alone is way more articulated than that of Gundam Exia. Apart from the joint design, the mechanical design itself is another factor that allows 00 Gundam to come out as the winner for the ankle articulation. There's no ankle guard, and the 'swing'-type ankle joint is extremely flexible for movement. The fact that almost all releases of 00 Gundam's merchandises, plus 00 Qan[T] adopted the 'swing'-type ankle joint with very little variation shows that it's the right formula for good leg articulation. ^^

Of course, the Twin Drive gives 00 Gundam quite a few extra joints as compared to Gundam Exia as well. The tiny hinge joint that allows the base to move upward and downward seems pretty weak though. Some issue with sustaining the pose when the wing binders are attached in somewhat foreseeable. ^^;

Speaking of which, the review of HCM-Pro O Raiser is coming up next. ^^

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reeoyuy said...

GN Drives (or to be exact, the cones) of OO Gundam are different from Exia. It's a combination of cone-type (on 3rd gen Gundams such as Exia) and tri-thrusters type (on 2nd gen such as Astraea). So as you can see, they shaped like cones, but with 3 holes.