Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random (51)

Golden dragon and golden bat

Added a pair of S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider action figures to my collection recently. ^^

They are S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Knight Survive and Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive, which came out in November and December last year respectively. While their design, details and paint scheme are amazing, I was on the fence to pick them up initially. ^^; Their content aren't as impressive as their respective first form releases (the display bases with matching character color and emblem seem really nice though), even though the lack of accessories included is perhaps true to the story setting of the series they originated from. I totally fall for the shiny golden color scheme of the figures, especially Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive. ^^ Red-black-gold/yellow is my favorite color combo - Johnny Ridden's or Sazabi's color scheme. Because of that, when I'm looking at the figures when they first arrived, other features don't seem too important to me anymore. ^^ I do acknowledge the beautifully sculptured and painted details on Kamen Rider Knight Survive's swords are tremendously impressive at first glance, but I'll save that till the figure's review. ^^

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