Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random (81)

Because... why not

The November release/reissue schedule for Bandai Hobby Division is now up on its official site, and among the many Gunplas to be reissued is this one:

High Grade 1/144 scale G-Saviour (Space Mode)

For its unique design and color scheme, I'm hoping that I'll be able to get this kit one day. ^^ On the other hand, I has this weird desire to see G-Saviour get animated in the upcoming episodes of "Gundam Build Fighters", because, why not? XD There were cameo appearances of so many obscure kits in the last five episodes of the show, almost anything is possible with it now. ^^; I won't mind even if it's shown as a mere display sample in Iori Model Shop that is flashed on screen for just half a second. Knowing the Gundam fandom's knee jerk reaction to anything and everything, the uproar of seeing G-Saviour again, in Gunpla format that can be totally separated from its movie, is going to be tremendously entertaining to see, perhaps more than the onscreen display of the kit itself. ^^

Image is from Hobby Search.

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