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HG 1/144 Mr. Bushido's Ahead Part 6

The GN-X and Gundam Exia connection

Continuing with the assembly of HG 1/144 Mr. Bushido's Ahead after the previous posting. ^^

Parts of the weapons.

The panel on the top section of the shield is the only foil sticker detail in this kit. ^^ It could be painted like the other black segments on a few other parts in this kit, but I chose to use foil sticker for it to get the silver line details. ^^
The same idea was behind the sticker work on HG 1/144 Tieren Space Commander Type's shoulder shields. ^^

Just three parts to complete the shield's assembly. ^^

Mounted the shield onto the right arm.

The positioning of the forearm is correct now. ^^

Just three parts for the GN Beam Sword and GN Short Beam Sword.
Despite the obvious curved design, they are identified as 'beam sabers' instead, according to the construction manual. ^^ I would rather call them GN Beam Katana and GN Beam Wakizashi. XD

With the beam parts painted in Part 3 attached to the handles.

GN Beam Sword is about 12cm in length, while GN Short Beam Sword is slightly over 6.5cm long.

GN Beam Sword is designated to be mounted on the left thigh.

Either handle can be clipped to the back of the shield as well.

Parts of the backpack.

Closeups on the dry transfer decals applied to the thrusters' outer body parts, and gold and silver painted on the muzzles of the two GN Short Beam Cannon parts, both which were done in Part 2.

Major components of the backpack before the final assembly.

Vent details inside the backpack thrusters which are from golden foil sticker pieces applied in Part 2, along with the vents of the rear skirt armor completed in the previous posting. ^^

Done for the backpack.
The GN Tau Drive's cone looks the same as that on HG 1/144 GN-X. The idea behind the red details for the "rings" on both kits is the same too. ^^

With four ball-type polycaps between the backpack and the connecting arms, and between the connecting arms and thrusters, there's a wide range of ways to adjust the backpack components' position.

Parts of the body.

Some of the body parts, especially the chest plate feature the heaviest paint work in this kit. ^^

(Left) A look at the GN Tau Drive's metallic red paint effect behind the clear cover.
(Right) The GN Tau Drive sits right beneath the neck block, which like it, is another separated part inside the body assembly.

No clear separation of components for the body module. ^^;

The brighter magenta paint result on the chest plate is all too obvious to be seen on the completed body module. ^^;

The shiny metallic red outcome of the GN Tau Drive looks really good. ^^

A ball-type joint can be seen behind each of the two shoulder joints. Used to connect the shoulders' movement to their respective shoulder blocks, the design is similar to that of HG 1/144 GN-X and Gundam Exia, but more of the latter.

The body unit is completed.

Linked movement between the shoulder joints and blocks.

With the arms and backpack.

The upper body is completed.

GN Short Beam Sword is designated to be mounted beneath the left shoulder block.

With the lower body completed in the previous posting. ^^

Only the head remains to be completed. ^^

About 90-degree lift for the arm on the side of the body.

Side-to-side and forward-backward bends are possible for the waist.

Parts of the head.

The upside-down positioning of the neck polycap is an unusual design for the High Grade 1/144 scale series. ^^

(Left) The black and gold eyes and "mouth area" were from paint work applied to the part in Part 4.
(Right) It's good to see that the forehead piece doesn't cover up the eyes too much. ^^

Done for the head.

The wire strap behind the head is adjusted to give it a natural-looking curve.

Connected the head to the neck's base.

All done for HG 1/144 Mr. Bushido's Ahead. ^^

More images of a fully armed version of this kit coming up in the next posting. ^^

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