Friday, December 5, 2014

D-Style Patlabor Ingram 1 Part 6 [Final]

Following the actual mecha setting's limitation

The last posting for D-Style Patlabor Ingram 1 already. ^^

All action poses from this deformed scale model kit after the previous posting. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

While its many ball-type joints give D-Style Patlabor Ingram 1 very flexible posability, I find it rather difficult to come up with action poses for the model kit due to its limitations as seen in the TV series. ^^; As presented in the anime many, many times, it's not an amazingly powerful mecha, but that forms part of the story's charm in my opinion. ^^ Then again, that setting also puts a limit on the action poses possible for the model kit - the midair poses using a support stand would already be in the realm of fantasy with any of the Ingram models. ^^;

Comparison with other deformed scale model kit, and action figure:

With BB Senshi Gundam Mk-II (Titans' Color).
An older BB Senshi kit it is, the deformed proportion of Gundam Mk-II is significantly greater than that of current releases from the same series. ^^

With Nendoroid Haruhi.

Comparison with a normal scale version of Ingram 1:

With the Revoltech action figure version.

Despite the obvious scale difference, almost all the details are the same between the two versions. ^^

Overall, a simple but fun model kit this is. ^^ The detailing work wasn't difficult, especially with quite a few parts already painted, and detailed for you. Much like a BB Senshi kit, it's simple to assemble as well. ^^ As for the completed model, while it's quite posable, thanks to its many ball-type joints, I think the model kit's good design in realizing all of Ingram 1's details on a deformed scale model kit is the real main attraction. ^^

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