Saturday, July 9, 2011

1/100 Dynames Part 11 [Final]

Sneaky bastard

This last posting for 1/100 Gundam Dynames is going to be dedicated to its large plate armors that weren't shown in the previous two postings. ^^

Given there's some distance between the joint and the armor, the latter doesn't cause any hindrance to the action poses possible with the arms. That's a very good thing actually, though sometimes the large gap between the armor and arm does look a bit off to me. ^^; The gap seems to be constantly reminding me of how the two pieces of plate armors are just hanging on the shoulder joint, which is not best of feeling I have to say. XD That's probably just my own problem with the look, but to remedy that feeling, I push the arms outward in all standing poses of the model kit, so that the arms would look closer to their respective plate armors. ^^

The shoulder armors can also be configured to cover the front of the body, including the legs.

(Left) Pull the joint outward first,
(Right) Flip the joint to the front and all done.

Minus the beam rifle, a perfect symmetry. ^^

I love how the separation of armors integrate with the green chest piece and front skirt armor to form a large visual cross-section of green components from various parts. ^^

Do your best to hide the arms behind the armor XD

Movable compartments on the armors allow the kit to sneak out its GN Pistols, in all very natural-looking poses too. ^^

The side armors can be bent all the way till the top to allow Gundam Dynames to shoot from the side.

Sneaking the pistol out from the split between the armors is no problem as well. ^^

"Cruising" mode with the help of Action Base 1 Celestial Beings Ver.

With 1/100 Gundam Exia.

The plate armors certainly add a lot of playability to the entire model kits, which is a huge plus point to the entire model, since Gundam Dynames doesn't share the same level of weapon combo flexibility like 1/100 Gundam Exia ^^

Overall, this is fun kit to build, with a lot of large parts for the shoulder shields, legs and beam rifle. There are a lot of great details designed on all the parts, which is the "unique" feature for the 1/100 scale Gunpla series from "Gundam Double O" Season 1. ^^ Articulation is not as great as 1/100 Gundam Exia, but is able to support a whole range of action poses nonetheless.

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