Monday, September 21, 2015

BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set Part 13

Super easy final assembly versus long-winded painting and detailing work

Moving from the review on an action figure, a very big one at that (Hot Toys 1/6 Alice) to the assembly of a Gunpla, and a very small one this time. ^^

Returning to BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set after some 16 months (^^;) to complete the second kit from that bundled set: Nu Gundam.

Besides having other collectibles as "distractions" that kept cutting the queue of reviews on the blog, for some unknown reasons, I never had enough determination to go back to build Nu Gundam. ^^; Perhaps the realization that all the parts had been painted and detailed gave me the impression that I could easily go back to this kit and assembly it whenever I like, and that whenever is usually after long delays. ^^;

That's actually the case with most of my model kits. ^^

Parts of the arms and legs.

All the parts with varying amount of applied paint work.

Done for the arms and legs.

Ball-type polycaps for the shoulders allow the upper arms to be rotated pretty freely beneath the shoulder armors.
The hands can be swivelled around at wrist level as well.

Limited hinge movement for the elbow.

Parts of the body and backpack.

A lot of paint work, panel lining and clear stickers went into the parts to realize their intended colors and details.

A simple but smart assembly design: the white waist block has a protruding plate on top that forms the front neck area when connected to the black chest piece. ^^

The three components to form the torso.

The torso is completed.

Waist swivel is not obstructed by the side skirt armor or backpack.

With the arms and legs assembled just now.

The entire body is done.

Large almost-all one-piece parts to form Nu Gundam's weapons.

The weapons are the components that featured the heaviest painting and detailing work. ^^

The bazooka's storage feature behind the backpack is accurately realized on this BB Senshi version. ^^

When mounted, the bazooka nozzle has an about 2mm distance from the surface the kit is standing on. ^^

The fixed Fin Funnel set.

The Fin Funnel set can of course be mounted onto its latch on the left hand side of the backpack.

Without locking the component into the latch, the Fun Funnel set can be hinged forward for a pretty wide degree by using the latch as a hinge pivot.

As the shield only has a fixed straight peg as its connector, the hand unit needs to be rotated around for the shield to be mounted.

Parts of the head.

Foil stickers are used for the front and rear sensors, and the eyes.

Done for the head.

All done for BB Senshi Nu Gundam. ^^

A closer look at this BB Senshi Gunpla in the next posting. ^^

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