Wednesday, September 2, 2015

HCM-Pro Gundam RX-78-2 Roll Out Color Ver. Part 2

Part-swapping limitations

A look at HCM-Pro Gundam RX-78-2 Roll Out Color Ver. and all of its treated parts from the previous posting. ^^

All the weapons and option parts included for HCM-Pro Gundam RX-78-2 Roll Out Color Ver.

Minor assembly needed to complete some of the weapons.

Parts for the beam rifle and shield.
The exposed base color of the parts was treated using markers in the previous posting. ^^

The completed beam rifle and shield.

The standard beam rifle for Gundam RX-78-2.

The targeting scope and supporting handle can be hinged from side to side.

The shield, which is another standard equipment for the Gundam.

The design of the molded mechanical details behind the shield (including the mount rack and handle) is pretty much a carbon copy of that from the HGUC Gunpla version. ^^

An open right fist to hold the shield.

With the fist attached to the shield's handle.

Like the HGUC Gunpla version again, each forearm has a slot on its outer side for the shield to be mounted to provide firmer support to the hand grasping the shield's handle.

The same peg used to connect the shield to the forearm can be used to mount it to the backpack, which is another standard feature of the equipment.

Parts to form the bazooka.

The completed bazooka.

The handle which is fixed to the right trigger-type hand unit can be hinged forward/backward.

The hand itself has a hinge in its wrist joint that allows it to be bent from side to side.
This articulation point would allow the bazooka to be posed in an inward/outward angled position from the body.

Small as it is, the details and shape of the bazooka are accurately realized on this 1/200 scale version.

The thin "hanger" can be hinged upward for a slight degree as well, for whatever purpose it needs to be moved. ^^

A pair of beam sabers, fixed to a pair of left and right hand units.

Closeups on the details.
I'm glad that the hands were designed with a different look so that they aren't just a pair of generic fists fixed to the beam saber handles. ^^

A gathering of all the Gundam's weapons.

Length comparison between the weapons.

The default pair of (flat) spread palms.

Swapping one of the weapon-fixed hand units onto the figure.

Comparison of all the hand units' sculpt details.

To accommodate the beam saber poses, the handles on the figure's backpack can obviously be removed.
As you can see, the handles are designed to be in an angled position on their respective tab to give them a spread-out look when on the backpack.

The tab slots of the beam saber handles on top the backpack.

One last option part included for the figure which I didn't mention is an ABS hard plastic-type V-fin. It was shown in the previous posting, but since I'm fine with the default softer type on the figure, I didn't even bother removing said part from its runner.

The weapons included are standard equipments for all renditions of Gundam RX-78-2, and their designs, which faithfully realize the weapons' standard proportions and details, are not exactly unique per se.

On the other "hand" (^^), the design of having fixed hand units on all the weapons, which is a staple design from the beginning days of the HCM-Pro series, seems somewhat unique now as the design had been replaced by High Grade Gunpla-esque open hand units that can be used for either plain display or weapon holding midway though the series. Having weapons with hand units fixed to them adds an extra bit of convenience to posability, since yanking the hands out from the wrist joints is easier than swapping weapons between open fists. ^^ However, that minor convenience also comes with a great deal of inflexibility in display. ^^; For Gundam RX-78-2, it can't be posed wielding the beam rifle or hyper bazooka with its left hand, nor can the two weapons be shown mounted on the figure. ^^; The beam sabers are the only weapons that can be shown on either hand of the figure, but that's only because they come as a pair. ^^

More images of this HCM-Pro figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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