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Hot Toys 1/6 Alice Part 4

Unexpected die-cast part

Continuing the introduction on the weapons included for Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Alice from "Resident Evil: Afterlife" after the previous posting. ^^

A katana and its sheath.

The weapon features all the design traits of a katana, except an obvious curved blade. As a matter of fact, the straight blade makes it look more like a long sword with round cross guard instead of a katana. ^^

Impressively, the blade itself is made of die-cast part, which gives it some heft. ^^

Closeups on the details.

The katana's sheath.

Closeups on the details.

The slight bend of the katana makes it impossible to sheath the blade properly if it's facing the wrong side (left image).
Since the curve is difficult to detect, I find myself having to try twice every time I want to sheath the sword. ^^;

The sheathed katana.

A pair of kukri knives.

This weapon was never actually used by Alice in "Resident Evil: Afterlife". The knives were however, prominent weapons of Alice in the previous chapter of the movie franchise, "Extinction".

Closeups on the details.
Unlike the katana, the kukri knives' blades are not made of die-cast part, but the paint application to realize their metallic look is very realistic-looking.

With the kukri knives attached to the open hands.

A non-collapsible baton.

Closeups on the details.

With the baton attached to the right open hand.

Length comparison between the different melee weapons: katana (14cm), sheath (10.5cm), baton (8cm) and kukri knife (7.5cm).

In comparison, even though the katana lacks its own weapon gimmick as compared to the Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns, Smith & Wesson Model 460V with 5" Barrel revolvers and sawed off 12 gauge double barrelled shotgun introduced in the previous posting, its die-cast blade gives the weapon a remarkable heft and handling experience. The katana is very much a collector's piece in its own right in my opinion. ^^

Then again, through my prior experience in reviewing Video Game Masterpiece 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. and ZCGirl's 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver., I got to see other weapon parts in 1/6 scale featuring more gimmicks that mimic the functions of their actual firearms, so even though the submachine guns, revolvers and shotguns included for Alice are indeed very well done, they are not exactly outstanding in any way. ^^

As seen in the movie, Alice carries most of her weapons around with her wherever she goes. ^^ That character image can of course be realized on this Hot Toys action figure. ^^ For this, the faux leather weapon holsters with belt already attached to the figure by default is the single most important part as it features all the specific points needed to hold the selected weapons.

The weapons for Alice to hold/carry.

The gun holster is squeezed to make room for the revolver.

The tiny strap near the opening can be secured to/detached from the holster itself, but it's not long enough to stretch over the revolver's grip.

The strap is supposed to remain static in the movie it seems. ^^
Image is from IMDB.

The tight space inside the holster is able to hold the revolver very securely.

Both revolvers are stored in the holsters.

There's no elegant way to mount the sheathed katana other than squeezing the whole thing through the three faux leather rings in the middle. ^^;

The sheathed katana on Alice's back.

The same storage method for the sawed off shotguns as the katana.

With the two shotguns arranged and stored next to the katana.

Five weapons equipped to the weapon holster.

The pair of Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns are designated to be handheld by Alice. ^^

Done for a fully weaponized Alice. ^^

More images of the figure:

Closeups on the details

This fully weaponized configuration gives Alice a more complete look following her image in the movie. ^^ The faux leather harness is performing a heavy duty in holding all five weapons carried by Alice. While the revolver holsters are fine due to their size, I'm a bit worried about the rings for the sword and shotguns. ^^; Since they are tiny pieces sewn onto the back plate, their connection to the latter is foreseeably fragile. The tightness of the weapon connection is worrisome as well, since applying pressure to the connection is inevitable every time the rings are stretched to load/unload the weapons. Hence, sliding the three weapons in and out of the rings frequently is not advisable for sure, but even so, the weight of the designated weapons can be pressuring load (literally ^^;) as well. Sooner or later, I'll need to guess super glue to tighten the rings' connection to the back plate I suppose. ^^;

Some action poses from Alice with her plentiful weapon options coming up in the next posting. ^^

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