Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set Part 14

Somewhat new proportion design for a somewhat new Nu Gundam

More images of the just completed Nu Gundam from BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set.

Closeups of the details:


[Body & legs]

[Left arm & shield]

[Right arm & beam rifle]



[Fin Funnels]

Like most BB Senshi kits I reviewed in the past, the difficulty level of the final assembly is severely disproportionate to the amount of work put in beforehand to get all the details right. ^^; Looking back on the work that I did for Nu Gundam, between painting the feet and backpack thrusters, adding missiles to the shield, adding cap to the bazooka, and painting the two large Fin Funnel parts, I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish back then. XD I had plans to add in the details that I like, followed those plans and had fun, and that's just about the only way I can think of to explain about the rationale behind all the work I did. ^^

The most important point is of course the detailing actually works. ^^ Components that can be seen very easily on the completed kit, like the Fin Funnels, beam saber on the backpack, beam rifle, and the mounted bazooka would look really awkward in their molded colors had they not been painted. ^^;

Much like Zeta Gundam, Nu Gundam's proportion is very different as compared to the BB Senshi releases that came out after the 2000s. Without legs, it's stubbier, and for the same reason, those feet aren't going to be of much help to the Gundam's posability. ^^; Interestingly, this is the renewed version of Nu Gundam in BB Senshi format which updated the design of the original release (BB No. 007). Released in January 1994, that original version features proportion that would definitely look much weirder as compared to this version. ^^

A "renewed renewed" version (^^) of BB Senshi Nu Gundam was released in January 2014, a year after the Master Grade Ver. Ka came out. The difference in proportion, color separation of the parts, posability, and price (^^;) with 20 years between the first and latest versions is going to interesting to see, to say the least. ^^

Then again, that won't happen in this review, disappointingly, since this is the only BB Senshi Nu Gundam in my collection, with Tenshouryu Koumei Nu Gundam from the Sangokuden series notwithstanding of course. ^^

Some action poses from the Gundam and configuration of its Heavy Weapon System (HWS) pack coming up next.

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