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Hot Toys 1/6 Alice Part 1

For the love of Milla Jovovich, who cares if the movie was bad?

Notwithstanding the Dynamic Figure Stand, this is just the third item from Hot Toys to be reviewed on my blog, even though this particular figure has been in my collection since September 2011. ^^;

Since getting Medicom Toy's RAH Chunli in June 2009, I have been steadily adding more 1/6 scale action figures to my collection, but those exclusively from Hot Toys are still the niche among the bunch. ^^ Given that review series on 1/6 scale figures are already far and few between on my blog, with the last one being ZCGirl 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver., Hot Toys reviews are going to be even rarer. ^^

Hot Toys 1/6 Alice
Production company: Hot Toys
Release date: September 2011
Price: 22,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).
Official link

Full front view of the box.

Speaking of ZCGirl 1/6 Sniper Muriel Black Ver., the figure featured in this review is also a tough gun-wielding chick: Alice from "Resident Evil: Afterlife" (2010). ^^ Even though I think the story went from bad to senseless with each subsequent movie after the original one, and the character of Alice herself got crazier and more bizarre by the same token, her "evolving" character design actually allowed Milla Jovovich to show off more and more of Alice's sexy look. ^o^

Alice showing off her firearms in the movie.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

This "walking arsenal" version of Alice from the fourth movie is definitely my favorite design for the character so far. I prefer this cleaner look over her rugged design in "Extinction" (2007), even though having heavy makeup and awesome hairdo makes no sense when you're in a Zombie-infested world. XD While her tight black leather outfit in "Retribution" (2012) is arguably more sexier-looking, that fifth version lacks the extensive firepower that her predecessor possesses, and for the playability and poseability of an action figure release, having more weapons is always better. ^^

So, what does this Hot Toys figure have to offer? Hot Toys' head sculpt of Milla Jovovich - checked; realization of my favorite version of Alice - checked; tons of weapons - checked; Hot Toys' head sculpt of Milla Jovovich - checked again; winter coat for change of costume - check; Hot Toys' head sculpt of Milla Jovovich - triple checked. XD

A closeup on Milla Jovovich as Alice from the movie as the box art.

Product label.

All that said, I'm certainly glad that Hot Toys decided to pick this version of the character to be released. I would probably be a sucker and get the figure if she is based off the other movies' design just because of Milla Jovovich, but this fourth movie version definitely makes the figure much more precious to me.

So there you go, that's the conclusion. This is the most awesome action figure of all because she's based off Milla Jovovich, no other reason or justification needed. This review can be closed now, before anything other than her box is shown. XD

The rainy background on the front cover has a rough coating that gives that section a coarse feel. Then again, the entire image of Alice is without said rough coating, which makes it stand out on the box art. ^^
A 3D effect to the box art following the movie title? ^^

Hot Toys' logo and the product line's name ("Movie Masterpiece") on the left and right bottom corners of the front cover respectively.

Designs and labels on various sides of the box.

Item info on the back of the box.

The logo of Umbrella Corporation and a crowd of zombies as the background image decorate the back of the box.

Comparing the box with that of 1/6 scale Video Game Masterpiece Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. from the same company.

The front cover can be lifted by detaching the bottom flap from box.

The magnets at the top and bottom corners of the bottom flap used to secure the package can be seen pretty easily.

The interior view of the package.

A smaller plastic tray containing Alice's winter coat and a few weapons is attached behind the front cover, with corresponding sunken area on top of the figure's window to accommodate it.

Front view of the main container.

The paper cover features cut outs of shattered glass pieces popping away from the main window. Interestingly, the top-most cover of the main container is actually designed with raised sections to support those paper cut outs from below. ^^
A very impressive packaging design. ^^

The figure and most of its accessories can be seen through the window.

The smaller plastic tray attached behind the front cover.

Closeups on the content.

Information on the production team is also shown behind the front cover.

An image of a random broken glass piece is shown right on top the Hot Toys logo. The "fake" reflection of the logo on the glass really shows the attention to details in the packaging design of the figure. ^^

Information on the production team.

Box open.

The magnets corresponding to those on the bottom flap can be seen simply tapped behind the paper container.


The main tray containing Alice and all of her option parts and accessories.
Like Jill Valentine BSAA Ver., there are actually two layers of top cover protecting the content.

With the top-most plastic cover removed.

With the main plastic cover.

Closer look at the figure and other parts inside the container.

Rear view of the container.

Two strings are used to secure the legs to the container.

The smaller plastic tray removed from the front cover.

With the top cover removed.

Closer look at the four accessories.

Review view of the smaller tray.

A plain black paper backdrop.

Equally simple packaging for the folded instruction sheet.

The instruction sheet shows the simple part-swapping of the figure's hair, how to equip the winter coat and the usual warning on not to hand paint the figure with materials that might corrode it.

The usual pack of desiccant used to keep the content dry that is removed from the container.

A straight-out-of-box display of Alice.

A few plastic wrappers on the figure's hands, beneath the sleeves and on her boots.

The hands need to be detached from the wrist first before the wrappers beneath the sleeves can be removed. Those on the boots can just be pulled away.

The removed plastic wrappers and strings.

A weapon-less but display-ready Alice. ^^

Closeups on the face sculpt. ^^

A closer look at this Hot Toys figure in the next posting. ^^

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