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S.I.C. Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black Part 1

Vintage S.I.C.

Discounting the Kiwami Damashii series, this is the first S.I.C. review on my blog this year, since Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros Imagin reviewed in August last year. ^^

By the look of things, this could well be the only S.I.C. review on my blog for this year. ^^;

S.I.C. Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black
Production company: Tamashii Nations (Bandai)
Release date: October 2002
Price: 3,500 Yen (exclusive of tax).
Merchandise link

Going old-school, back to the the early days of the series with this vintage set - Vol. 16 Kamen Rider Black RX & Kamen Rider Black, which was first released in 2002 - more than a decade ago. ^^ Despite being a really old release, I actually got it not too long ago - in June 2013. For that matter, as compared to some of the other collectibles and model kits in my room that I have yet to open, this actually counts as a rather new item. XD

Front view of the windowed box.

Due to the large clear window, almost everything included with the set can be seen without opening the box, which is really nice. ^^

Set name.

The purchase of this S.I.C. set fulfilled one of the many items I missed in the past. It's safe to say that the decision was very much nostalgia-driven. ^^ "Kamen Rider Black", or "Kesatria Baja Hitam" as the series was known in Malaysia, was a huge sensation on TV when it aired in the late 80s/early 90s. Every boy in my neighbourhood was watching it, and we all loved it very much. For that reason, I have great fondness for almost all Kamen Rider Black and Black RX related merchandises. Even though my favorite character has always being Shadow Moon, Kamen Rider Black's arch-nemesis, every news related to merchandises from the two series always seems extra special to me because of my personal nostalgic memory of the shows. ^^

Kamen Rider Black's henshin and action.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

An introduction on Kamen Rider Black RX.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Speaking of Shadow Moon, prior to getting this set, I managed to hunt down Vol. 17 Kamen Rider Shadow Moon & Kamen Rider Black from a local online forum member who was willing to let it go. Between the two, I favor Vol. 17 more because it has Shadown Moon in it, obviously. ^^ Even though Kamen Rider Black is included, and can be realized via part-swapping, the color scheme for it is RX-esque green. The figure featuring the show-accurate color scheme for Black, as well as parts needed to form Black RX is contained in Vol. 16 instead.

You need both Vol. 16 and Vol. 17 to realize a duel between Shadow Moon and either Kamen Rider Black or RX anyway. ^^

It was mission accomplished for me when I managed to obtain Vol. 17 in May 2012, but out of nostalgia to have the S.I.C. version of Kamen Rider Black and RX, I went ahead and got Vol. 16 a year later. ^^

On the other hand, since it's an old release, the design of the figure in terms of its artistic image, articulation, and even part-swapping to realize its form change gimmick can be considered unqiue by today's standards. Objectively speaking, my love for the series and the Kamen Riders in them is always going to be there regardless of their merchandises, so the review on the figure to see its uniqueness as an old S.I.C. release should be very interesting. ^^

More images of Kamen Rider Black RX as seen through the front window.

More images of the option parts as seen through the front window.

Top, bottom, left, and right side views of the box.

Introduction of the figures on the back of the box.

Comparison with Vol. 17 Kamen Rider Shadow Moon & Kamen Rider Black

It's interesting to see that the two sets have the same arrangement of the armor parts to swap their respective figures to form Kamen Rider Black in the box, as with the Kamen Rider Black's introduction on the back. ^^

Comparison with the S.H. Figuarts version of Shadow Moon.

Box open.

Package content.

Front view of the plastic tray.

Tray content without the top cover.

More images of Kamen Rider Black RX still on the plastic tray.

All the option parts are revealed in full. ^^

Rear view of the box content.

The figure's gimmicks, form configuration and usage of all the option parts can be seen on the instruction sheet.

A large backdrop in bright green with lightning effect. ^^

Taped to the back of the backdrop is a plastic container that holds the instruction sheet.

A straight out of box display of S.I.C. Kamen Rider Black RX.

Straight out of box, Kamen Rider Black RX and Black are missing the antennae on their heads. The small parts are grouped and sealed in a small plastic bag for security.

Extra goodies not listed as part of the set: strings that are used to tie the figures to the tray.

The strings are straightened for storage.

A look at the form change configuration to convert Kamen Rider Black RX to Black in the next posting. ^^

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